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BMW Z4 Trunk Strut

Proper Diagnosis of BMW Z4 Trunk Strut Problems

A trunk strut makes it possible for you to safely close and open your vehicle's trunk. Without it, there is nothing to support the frame of your trunk lid. Once your trunk strut fails, it will be a very hard to access the trunk, let alone open its lid. In fact, it might be close to impossible to load the trunk without using one hand to keep the lid open. Your BMW Z4 trunk strut has superior strength and durability, but it can sometimes fail due to negligence, frequent abuse, or old age. Here are some tips on how to properly diagnose trunk strut problems, along with some simple tips on how to fix them.

Weak struts

This is a common problem with the BMW Z4 trunk strut. The trunk lid may come down when wind blows towards it or when even the slightest downward force is applied to the lid. In this case, the strut may not be defective-it naturally wears with age. Check if the gas inside the strut has deteriorated completely from within. This is causing the strut's structure to weaken.

Note that you don't need to replace both struts if only one strut fails. You can replace the damaged or aging strut and keep the working one until it wears out and stops functioning properly as well.

Trunk that does not close every time

If your trunk lid does not completely close every time, check the retainers that attach the bottom part of the lifter cylinder to a stud on the car body. They might be bent out of shape, causing the trunk strut itself to function poorly. This can be caused by negligent banging of the trunk lid when closing it. It can be avoided by using less force when closing the lid, but unfortunately, bent or damaged retainers can only be replaced and not repaired.

Scratched metal surfaces

Although they may not cause your trunk struts to fail, scratches on the metal rod will definitely affect the appearance of your trunk's interior. The metal rods are usually polished or painted and can be nicked when loading cargo with sharp edges. When cleaning the struts, make sure you use a microfiber cloth that will not leave any scratches on any of the strut's metal surfaces.

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  • Proper Care and Maintenance of Your BMW Z4 Trunk Strut

    A BMW Z4 trunk strut is a high-quality component made by a committed automaker-you won't get anything less durable from the manufacturer of award-winning midsize sedans and luxury cars. Over time, however, trunk struts can develop weakness. Sometimes, this is caused by the gas inside the strut slowly deteriorating from within, which causes the strut to become soft and bouncy. Most of the time, corrosion takes place inside and outside the strut assembly, leaving the strut weak. This can potentially lead to accidents, such as the trunk lid coming down on you when you least expect it. Here are a few maintenance tips you can keep in mind to prolong the life of your trunk struts.

    Avoid closing the trunk lid with excessive force.

    Struts wear out over time, but closing the trunk lid with too much force speeds up the deterioration of the struts' parts. If the damage is caused by old age, it is understandable if a replacement is needed. However, you might want to consider making it a habit to close the trunk lid gently to make your trunk struts last as long as the life of your car. This is a simple step you can take that would save you a lot of money in the future.

    Don't forget to clean them when cleaning the interior of the trunk.

    When you feel like it's time to clean the interior of the trunk, don't leave out the struts. Clean the struts with a microfiber cloth, taking extra care with wiping the polished metal parts. The struts' painted surfaces add to the aesthetic value of your car, as they are one of the most visible parts in the trunk assembly.

    Keep damage-inflicting objects away from the struts.

    Wet objects might cause moisture to form inside the strut assembly. When neglected, it could lead to damage and corrosion of the metal parts. You should also keep sharp objects away from the struts. Besides possibly damaging the struts' exterior, their pointed ends could find their way into the interior assembly and inflict more damage there.