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Body Lift Kit

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Want to upgrade the flex in your truck and radically change the operation of its suspension? Then the body lift kit is just perfect! A body lift kit is what you need if you want increase your vehicle's ground clearance. Basically, raising your vehicle's body requires suspension modifications such as replacing the stock tires with larger ones. Once your vehicle's body is lifted, you can use a bigger engine to upgrade its performance. Not only that! You can use bigger and better exhaust tubing, transmission and other parts, too. Additionally, a premium body lift kit provides the clearance required for off-road use. So boost your truck's off-road capabilities. Purchase a quality premium body lift kit from us now. Carparts offers the products you need to lift your truck's body the easy way. Here, high-quality products aren't necessarily expensive.

• Enhances your truck's off-road versatility

• Provides room for a bigger and higher-performance engine

• Easy to use and install

Body Lift Kit Articles

  • Installing a Body Lift Kit

    Lifting your truck or SUV can definitely do wonders to its appearance. An effective way of doing so is by installing a body lift kit. It is more affordable and has a simpler installation than a suspension lift, so it's really ideal for DIYers. You only need to arm yourself with the proper tools, and you'll be good to go. This procedure can take up to nine hours.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Jack and jack stands
    2. Wood block
    3. Ratchet and socket set

    Preparing for the task

    Remove the front bumper, fenders, and hood. Disconnect the battery cables. Make sure to disengage the negative cable first before the positive cable. Take out the airbag fuse from the fuse box. Unscrew the mount bolts that can be found underneath the core support and the cab.

    Raising the vehicle

    Position the wood block on the jack to prevent damages on the paint. Lift the passenger side of the cab.

    Setting up the body lift mounts

    Install the body lift kit blocks. There are body lift kits that need to be attached to the stock bushing, though. Check your kit's design to be sure. Lower the truck onto the new mounts. Screw the body lift bolts in, but do not tighten them yet. Do the same thing to the driver's side-jack it up, install the kit blocks, and loosely thread in the bolts. When both sides of the cab are done, you can already tighten the bolts.

    Simply follow the same process when lifting the bed.

    Reinstalling the components

    Reconnect the battery cables, and put back the bumper, fenders, and hood into place. Don't forget to fasten all the bolts that you removed earlier.

    Tips and warnings

    • Check the body lift kit before starting. Make sure you have all the components you need.
    • Because of the design of some trucks, the cab and the bed may have to be jacked up at the same time to avoid damage. So in this case, two floor jacks will be necessary.
    • If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, find out first if its shifter linkage needs to be modified or not. This is to make sure that it will still function properly even after the lift.
    • With the body lift kit installed in your vehicle, you may need to do other modifications as well.