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Body Wiring Harness

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Unknown by many owners, their car carries countless potential fire hazards. Finding them, however, is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That's because these hazards come in the form of loose or unprotected wiring.A car's body wiring harness isn't made to last for a lifetime. Once the harness stops holding wires together, the wires are left just lying around your car's engine bay. The problem worsens when the rubber insulators covering each wire are cracked and worn through.With exposed metal wiring in the engine bay, the risk of shorted circuits and current arcing is increased. It's especially dangerous if broken wires happen to be near your car's fuel delivery lines. The best way to fire-proof your car is to check its body wiring harness and replace it when necessary.Finding a replacement is easy here at Carparts.

• Heavy-duty insulation protects against breakage

• Durable terminals and sockets last longer than stock

• Keeps your car's wiring organized and easy to locate