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What's Wrong With My Car by Bob CerulloWhat's Wrong With My Car  by Bob Cerullo

A Quick and Easy Guide to Most Common Symptoms of Car Trouble.  This book was written by our own Bob Cerullo who has contributed a number of articles on carparts

Auto Fundamentals by Martin W. Stockel, Martin T. Stockel, Chris JohansonAuto Fundamentals (Text)
by Martin W. Stockel, Martin T. Stockel, Chris Johanson

One of the most popular automotive theory texts available, Auto Fundamentals provides a study of the design, construction, and operation of all major automotive systems. Content centers around the theory of automotive operation--how and why systems interact.

How Cars Work  by Tom NewtonHow Cars Work  by Tom Newton

From the Publisher
Author and illustrator Tom Newton is a school psychologist. How Cars Work was developed as a high interest mini-textbook for teens, but is also used by automotive service managers and mechanics to help customers understand repairs. This book can be found in adult literacy programs, high schools, and middle schools. How Cars Work makes it fun and easy to learn how cars work.

From the Author
"When I opened my tutoring center I could not find enough interesting reading material for my teenage students, especially the boys. So I started writing short descriptions about car parts aimed at improving reading comprehension. I used simple drawings to help students visualize and associate the car parts with the words. Eventually I had enough material for a complete book and, well, this is it!"

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