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Interested in adding 5% to 10% more horsepower to your car? Then Borla exhaust system is here to help you. Upgrade now your vehicle's auto exhaust system with the Borla exhaust system and experience the great and easy way of building horsepower. Above that, the Borla exhaust system will also help you free up all trapped torque and is the best way to cure that anemic-sounding factory systems of your car. Order your new Borla exhaust system now and experience a world of difference on your car's sound and performance.

With the lower auto exhaust backpressure that the Borla exhaust system will give, your car can gain more horsepower, more torque, and a definitely hot sounding car engine. It is really a good addition to your car, may your muffler system be a bone-stock or a drag-modified. If you are a car performance enthusiast, then the Borla exhaust system is really the auto exhaust system for you. It gives your car the aggressive, yet legal, sporty sound. Above that, you'll get a better auto exhaust and muffler system performance without the droning exhaust note in your car's cabin with the Borla exhaust system's higher velocity tuning.

Your Borla exhaust system is also sure to last long. It is made from the highest grade T-304 aircraft quality stainless steel that gives the Borla exhaust system the superior corrosion resistance than other mild steel or aluminum steel exhaust systems. This makes the Borla exhaust system a real lifetime investment. It is all the exhaust system your car will ever need.

For the best performance, complete your ride with the Borla Exhaust System, Borla Headers and Borla Mufflers.

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  • Tips on Buying Borla Exhaust & Muffler

    If you want the best exhaust system, the Borla Exhaust System is your only choice. Every Borla Exhaust System is made from stainless steel, ensuring you the longest life for your system. A Borla Exhaust System uses a patented, straight-through design that will increase exhaust gas velocity and moves more uninterrupted air through your engine. That way, exhaust gases completely evacuate the cylinder, allowing the new charge to come into the cylinder and create more power. That means more torque from your engine and enhanced exhaust tonal quality. A Borla Exhaust System uses only aircraft quality T-304 stainless steel, which does cost more than lesser grades, but allows Borla to offer you a million mile warranty and an exhaust system that could well outlast your vehicle. The Borla Exhaust System has been heavily researched and developed to make sure it fits, performs and sounds better than any other system you'll find.
    Borla Mufflers also use stainless steel throughout, and are fully welded, so you don't end up with seams that could crack or burst and cause failure. All Borla Mufflers are high-performance parts, so they reduce backpressure in exhaust system while adding an assertive tone to the exhaust. Borla Mufflers will not void your warranty-some cars even have them as the OEM exhaust. All of Borla's street exhaust products are 50 state emissions legal. The patented design of Borla Mufflers increases exhaust flow for more power and improved gas mileage. You could see as much as a 5 to 15 percent increase in horsepower. And you can pick the muffler that's perfect for your vehicle, since they are available in several different configurations.
    Borla Headers are also made with T-304 stainless steel and use mandel-bent tubing, all-welded construction are designed for accurate fit and easy installation. The thick flanges and mandrel bends in the tubing ensure your Borla Headers will last the life of your vehicle. They're desigend to get more exhaust out of the cylinder heads, utilizing complex runners and special colelctors to give each pulse of the exhaust a straight shot as far down the headers as possible. Not allowing those pulses to meet until they enter the collector means the headers can nearly eliminate backpressure, which can sap the power of your vehicle. And, of course, the headers come with Borla's million mile warranty. Borla has over 26 years experience, and that, coupled with special merge collector technology, provides you with the ultimate in endurance and power.

  • Choosing the Right Borla Product, For the Right Job

    All-stainless construction on all products makes Borla the long-life leader in exhaust components

    Borla mufflers don't just offer great sound and power, but exceptional longevity to boot

    You can have the same exhaust used on exotic European cars when you choose Borla exhaust

    Do you plan to keep your car for a million miles? You'll still be using the same Borla exhaust system!

    To build the best exhaust system in the business, you have to start with the best materials. Aluminized steel is pretty good, but it isn't good enough for a Borla exhaust system. Every single Borla exhaust system is constructed from stainless steel, which provides the longest exhaust system life, period. When you've got the basics down, you can then focus on the other essential design parameters. For example, tubing size. A Borla exhaust system for your vehicle won't necessarily use the largest-diameter pipes available. Contrary to popular belief, the smaller pipes on your Borla exhaust system actually keep exhaust velocity high and temperature highboth essential to producing the most horsepower from your engine. Plus there's the noise factor: A Borla exhaust system will sound fantastic at the tailpipes, but remain quiet on the interior of your vehicle. Compare that to those large-diameter pipe systems from competing manufacturersyou can't even talk over the booming exhaust in the cockpit! Finally, to complement their engineering, every Borla exhaust system is warranted for a million miles. You'll never find that kind of warranty on an aluminized systemheck, most stainless system manufacturers won't even stand behind their product this well. So if you have to have the best, you have to have a Borla exhaust system on your ride.

    Okay, you can believe that Borla warranties its exhaust systems and headers for a million miles. But Borla mufflers have the same warranty? Come onautomotive mufflers start turning to dirt the minute you install them. Any enthusiast who has been around the block a few times knows that a couple of years is all you can expect to get from a good muffler. Well, the guys at Borla are out to change your mind with their line of custom and universal fit Borla mufflers. The company can offer a million mile warranty on Borla mufflers and not go out of business because they use stainless steel throughout. With stainless construction, Borla mufflers don't have anything that can rust out. And since Borla mufflers are fully welded, you don't end up with seams that can crack or burst causing failure. All Borla mufflers are high-performance parts, and they'll reduce backpressure in your exhaust system while adding an assertive tone to the exhaust. How assertive is up to you, since Borla mufflers are available in several different configurations. That puts you in the driver's seat, though: Choose the Borla mufflers that give you the results you want, then bolt them on and you're donefor a million miles, anyway!

    You understand the principles behind Borla headers, right? The goal with Borla headers, like it is with all headers, is to get more exhaust out of the cylinder heads. Properly-designed headers, like Borla headers, utilize complex runners and special collectors to give each exhaust pulse a straight shot as far down the headers as possible. When exhaust pulses fight, backpressure is the result. By not allowing the exhaust pulses to even meet until they enter the collector, Borla headers can nearly eliminate power-sapping backpressure. You can feel the difference in your right foot, and your engine will rev more readily and produce significantly more horsepower and torque when you add a set of Borla headers. Borla headers also have one huge advantage over the competition: Stainless steel construction. All Borla headers are stainless for one simple reason: It's the best material to use when building high quality headers. Coupled with thick flanges and mandrel bends in the tubing, your Borla headers are built to last. That's also why they come with Borla's million mile warranty. So start your horsepower buildup with a set of Borla headers. You'll never need to worry about backpressure or header replacement again.