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Looking for replacement parts on your car's exhaust system can sometimes be tough. Especially when your current auto exhaust system is of an unknown brand or make. Thank God Bosal Exhaust System exists to ease this burden. It is one of the leading producers and suppliers of OE exhaust systems in the market.

The Bosal exhaust system installs quickly and correctly with thousands of patterns for original-equipment exhaust systems. You can even have it with the bends, flanges, and fittings to match perfectly your original exhaust. It means there will be no more need for mere approximations in choosing which auto exhaust system to buy for your car. The Bosal exhaust system is precision-manufactured, with its pressure-wave technology, to match high tolerances and for longer lifespan. It is engineered to meet the strict quality and control requirements of car manufacturers. Being trusted by many manufacturers, do not be surprised to see that you actually have a Bosal exhaust system installed in your car, without your complete knowledge. This would also mean that looking for a replacement part would not be much of a problem for you since the Bosal exhaust system is widely available in the marketplace.

So start ordering your own Bosal exhaust system and make your own investment of a lifetime. Get your own Bosal exhaust system and take pride in owning your own priceless auto exhaust system. Bosal's long experience in providing quality exhaust system guarantees only the superb performance for your car.

Try the Bosal Exhaust System, Bosal Headers and Bosal Mufflers to complete your performance ride.

Bosal Brand Articles

  • Bosal: Precision & Technology

    Exhaust system problems can be easily fixed by different Bosal equipment. Check out some of its catalytic converters and mufflers now.
    Some people just don't know what to do when their exhaust system starts failing. Fortunately, one name stands out when it comes to providing exhaust equipment solutions; and that name is Bosal. Using top-of-the-line technology, superior research, continuous development, and rigid quality-control standards; Bosal has been, and continues to be, one of the top brands for years in its category. Whether you're looking for a catalytic converters, center mufflers, exhaust gaskets, exhaust hangers, exhaust springs, front pipes, intermediate pipes, mufflers, or tail pipes; Bosal is always the first choice by experts all over the world. The brand's recipe for success is its commitment to provide superior products by having the best team of engineers possible. These guys simply know what they're doing so you can be certain of the quality that you are going to get.
    Bosal is also trusted by prominent car makers such as General Motors, Ford, Honda, Volvo, Subaru, and Mazda when it comes to exhaust system equipment. That's because these companies associate the Bosal name with superb quality and excellent design. The company's price points for its products are relatively lower than that of other leading brands. This means you can expect outstanding quality equipment at more buyer-friendly rates. So, if you intend to make the most out of your fuel, you need these exemplary Bosal's products to do just that.
    Bosal line of catalytic converters and tail pipes are made of high-grade steel that's highly resistant to rust. You won't have to worry about buying replacements too soon because these parts stay in top shape even with the most minimal of number of maintenance checks. So though most people want excellence all the time, it's not a problem. Bosal is always there to meet high expectations and bring them even higher.

  • Choosing the Right Bosal Product, For the Right Job

    Bosal exhaust is chosen by more automakers for their stock exhaust systems than any other manufacturer

    OE replacement exhaust systems and high performance exhausts are both available through Bosal

    Check out Bosal headers with your new exhaust and reap the horsepower benefits

    Multiple chambers instead of dense packing make Bosal mufflers the enthusiast's choice

    You may not recognize the name, but chances are you've driven a vehicle with a Bosal exhaust system beneath it. As one of the leading suppliers to the OE marketplace, more cars come off the line with a Bosal exhaust system than nearly any other brand. What does that tell you? That a Bosal exhaust system is engineered well enough to meet the manufacturers' strict quality control requirements. When you're shopping for a replacement exhaust, you have a couple of choices. You can go with a stock OE system, or you can go with a high-performance replacement. Fortunately, whichever choice you make you can find a Bosal exhaust system to meet your needs. Since a Bosal exhaust system probably came on your car to begin with, finding factory replacement components is simple. And if you want to boost power and get a richer exhaust note, a high-performance Bosal exhaust system utilizing the company's pressure-wave technology is a great way to go. For performance and OE compatibility, stick with the leader: Choose a Bosal exhaust system for your car, truck, van, or SUV.

    The problem with stock mufflers is that they take the easy way out. In order to cancel out the roar of your engine, your factory muffler is packed with materials to deaden the sound. It's cheap and it works great for noise attenuationstock exhaust is whisper quiet. But all that packing in the muffler really puts a drag on your car's performance. That's why Bosal mufflers take a different approach. Utilizing aircraft technology, Bosal mufflers employ a tuned-pipe system that causes the exhaust pulses to cancel each other out. The tuned expansion chambers inside Bosal mufflers let the exhaust expand and contract, deadening the sound, while still leaving an open gas flow path. The result is that your Bosal mufflers help your engine make more horsepower, more torque, and a mellow, throaty exhaust note. You can get Bosal mufflers in both universal and application-specific configurations, so be sure to check our listings. Getting premium stainless Bosal mufflers designed specifically for your vehicle might just be easier than you think.

    Engine modifications that build horsepower but don't tax your engine too heavily are hard to come by. Nitrous and blowers definitely don't fall into this category. But one of the best additions you can make to your performance car is to add a set of Bosal headers. For those of you who don't know the basics, Bosal headers work to extract exhaust gasses from the cylinders rather than forcing the engine to push them out into a stock manifold. Why to manufacturers use manifolds then? Because they're cheap. The level of design and detail that goes into Bosal headers are only found in the highest-end vehicles, and surprisingly enough, many of those OEMs choose Bosal headers to install at the factory. Now it's easy for you to get the 10% or so horsepower boost from a set of Bosal headers: All Bosal headers are designed to fit directly on to their intended applicationyou don't have to break out the cutting torch or the welder, which is a lot different than some headers out there. And Bosal headers are available in a variety of different materials, including ceramic coated and stainless steel, allowing you to pick the Bosal headers that are right for your pocketbook as well as your car. No matter which Bosal headers you choose, though, you're getting the same Bosal headers that are trusted by enthusiasts and OEMs around the world.