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Brake Caliper

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When it comes to braking, having a dependable brake caliper is a must. It is the most important component of the whole braking system for it is part that literally stops your car.
The brake caliper is a U-shaped device with a piston or pistons on each side of the U. The brake pads are lined on the insides of the U and the brake disc goes inside the brake caliper. When the brakes are engaged, a high-pressure brake fluid is channeled from a master cylinder to the brake caliper where it activates the pistons. The pistons push the caliper into action and brake caliper clamps down on the brake disc. Friction stops the wheel from turning.
Your wheel spins at thousands of RPM and the brake caliper stops it. Imagine all the force and stress that it has to take up just to stop the wheel. Most of the heat generated from friction between the brake disc and the caliper is dissipated by the brake pads and the brake disc but the brake caliper has to endure most of the stress. Aside from the stress, there are also other factors that can lead to the demise of the brake caliper. There is also the brake fluid that can accumulate in the brake caliper that can cause rust. It can ultimately brake down the brake caliper for rust can breakdown the calipers strength until it cannot function properly.
It is always important to check your braking system and its component parts for it is your best safeguard against accidents. If your brake calipers are in need of replacing, always look for quality parts that perfectly fit your car's make.

Brake Caliper Articles

  • Brake Caliper: Just the Facts

    The brake caliper is considered to be the key component of your vehicle's braking system. It is a U-shaped device with a piston or pistons on one or both sides of the U and works like a small hydraulic lamp designed to grip the brake rotor. The brake pads ride on top of the caliper piston while the brake rotor spins in the U channel. The caliper has a lot of force to endure and absorb force since it is affixed to the frame of the vehicle and the rotor spins at hundreds of revolutions per minute. Hence, while the brake pads and brake rotor dissipate much of the heat, the pulling and twisting forces are endured by the brake caliper. Often, brake fluid causes the deterioration of the brake caliper. Failure to change the brake fluid when necessary produces moisture that brings rust to the interior of the brake caliper.

    • Sold individually, our catalog's brake calipers include all necessary hardware for quick and easy installation.

    • Each brake caliper from us feature OE quality seals, boots, and bleeder screws.

    • Our brake calipers are designed to be rust-resistant for longer service life.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Brake Caliper

    Miss none of your braking stunts with a performance brake caliper clamping on your rotor.
    A failing vehicle engine won't make your auto run, meaning hassle and additional replacement expense. Failing brakes won't make your vehicle stop, meaning hassle, additional replacement expense, and possibly accident, or even death. That said, it's easy to tell that failing brakes are more dangerous than failing engines. To avoid accidents, ensure that all your auto's braking parts are in good shape, especially the brake pad, rotor, and brake caliper.
    The caliper is the connection between the master cylinder and the rotor and pads. A pair squeezes pads into the rotors using the force from the cylinder, making the rotors, wheels, and the vehicle, stop. To maintain the disc brake caliper in shape, you must be familiar with symptoms of caliper damage. This way, you can determine problems and address them immediately. One is leak, brought by damaged caliper seals. Another is noise that may be caused by different factors like improper mounting, contamination, or insufficient lubrication. One other cause of noise is actual caliper damage, brought by extreme pad wear that results to aggressive contact between calipers and rotor.
    You must look out for the mentioned symptoms to ensure that braking problems are immediately solved. In case brake caliper replacements are necessary, ensure that you get the right ones. Whether you need a single-piston, four-piston, or dual brake caliper, get only a premium set. And to guarantee that you properly accomplish whatever brake tasks you need to do, equip yourself with the right tools like a brake caliper compressor.