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Brake Drum

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Make sure your drum brakes are functioning properly. Observe regular maintenance and replace when necessary.
Your ride's ability to stop on a dime is possible, thanks to a part called the brake drum. Usually, this brake part can be found bolted to the rear wheels as opposed to the disc brakes, which can be found at the front. The best way to explain how it works is by imagining a pair of shoes that presses against a rotating floor, wherein the latter is the drum.
The whole drum assembly is composed of two brake shoes, a piston, an adjuster mechanism, an emergency brake, and various springs. When you hit your ride's brake pedals, the piston pushes the brake shoes hard against the inside of the drum and stops the wheel. When you release the brake pedals, the springs recoil and retract the shoes off the drum. This, in turn, lets your drum turn again along with the wheel. But as this process repeats many times every time you drive, your brake drum's inner lining gets worn out. And if the drum's inner diameter reaches the allowable maximum, it's already dangerous to use.
So if you're looking for a replacement, make sure that it's better than your stock brake drums. Get one that's made of high-strength steel and cast iron lining for better friction. Moreover, purchase from a trusted auto parts store that provides excellent customer service, low prices, and first-rate quality. This way, you can have the big breaking power that you've always wanted without the big price tag to match.

Brake Drum Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Brake Drum

    Despite the popularity of disc brake applications today, you can't discount the usefulness and simplicity of a drum system. The brake drum system uses a drum and brake shoes to provide a stopping force to the wheels. The brake drum, attached to the wheel, houses the pistons and the brake shoes. Once you step on the brake pedal, the piston forces the shoes onto the spinning drum. The force slows down and eventually stops the drum and the wheel attached to it. And did you know that a drum brake system can also be applied to your vehicle as emergency brakes? The design of a drum brake system allows for a cable and a lever to separate the brake shoes from each other and force them onto the brake drum. You have to be careful, though, since brake drums tend to be more sensitive to heat. When your vehicle's brake drum becomes chipped or corroded, better replace it as soon as possible. For easy shopping, post your order right here in this catalog. Auto Parts Deal has a complete line of brake drums for virtually all makes and models.

    • Offers reliable stopping performance

    • Acts as a housing to smaller and internal drum brake parts like the shoes

    • Made from steel or cast-iron for maximum strength