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Brake Dust Shields

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Whether you have a gleaming set of chrome dubs or wealthy ultra-light alloys or the best killer mags on the planet, they're still susceptible to brake dust accumulation. With that on the rims, how can they really shine?
So what does it take to take care of the brake dirt? Scrub it clean? Well, it can do but it may affect your wheels' glimmer. It's better to use brake dust shields for it is better to prevent dust accumulation. Brake dust shield are usually aluminum plates, in the case of Kleen Wheels, that are installed between the rim and your brake disc. The aluminum plate catches all the brake dust blown from the brake disc and prevents it from settling on the your rims. These brake dust shields do not interfere with your car's braking system. It will not affect the braking systems cooling nor in its overheating.
Because it doesn't interfere with your car's performance, it is better to have brake shields on your wheels. These offer perfect protection especially on the front wheels where brake dust generation occurs most often. Rear wheels also generate brake dust so it is better to equip your wheels with a complete set of dust shields.

Brake Dust Shields Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Brake Dust Shields 21 December 2012

    No matter how diligent you are at cleaning your vehicle's exterior, sometimes you can't get rid of that layer of dust on the front wheels. The bad news is that there's a chance that the grime coating the front wheels might be brake dust. And this type of dust, which is made up of brake pad material scraped off during braking, can corrode the wheels' shiny, attractive finish. Why wait for that to happen when preventing the problem is easy and inexpensive? Protect your car's wheels by using a set of brake dust shields. Made from durable metal materials, these brake dust shields keep the front wheels safe from brake dust accumulation. Brake dust shields come in various sizes, so you can choose the set that perfectly fits and complements your vehicle's wheels. And to get them at the most affordable price, shop only here at Auto Parts Deal!

    • Keep the front wheels wheels looking shiny and new by protecting them from brake dust.

    • Sold in pairs, brake dust shields are easy to install.

    • Made from aluminum for sturdiness and durability