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Brake Pad Set

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If car parts are alive, the brake pads live the worst lives. In fact, they are the most expendable car part there is. They are always in constant pressure and are always in the heat of the action. They are the most frequently changed car part. But the most important thing is, their passenger's lives are in their hands. Brake pads are designed to endure high friction. They are made to make contact and consequently generate heat. They are the most hardy of the hardy.
It is commonly thought that brake pads directly make contact with the brake discs surface but in fact it touches another pad material on the sides of the brake disc. The contact between two surfaces produces a semi-liquid friction boundary that results in actual braking. Excessive braking and improper braking technique can easily wear out the pads and even the brake discs. The brake pads' make can ensure its longevity but this also have trade-offs. The more hardy the brake pad, the lesser its braking power and vice versa. In effect, it is better t invest in a well-rounded brake pad.
When looking for quality brake pads, it is better to choose a brake pad that can fully serve you needs. If you are are speed freak, it is better to gear up your car with more brake pads for optimum performance and to ensure your safety. But if you are just an average Joe kind of driver, it better to opt for the average but quality brakes to suit your need. When choosing a brake pad, choose a hardy and trusted name. Because a brake pad's job is hardwork.

Brake Pad Set Articles

  • Inside The Braking System

    Braking power can never be as good with a powerful brake in your performance vehicle.
    You love driving power, no doubt about it. But while the concept of acceleration and horsepower may be thrilling to you, and while you may be more inclined towards performance upgrades and enhancements, you must not forget other important systems in your auto, especially those that determine your driving safety. Have you checked on your brake recently? Have you inspected the brake pads to see if their friction materials are still intact?
    No drive is ever safe without the brakes, the system that combats your vehicle’s acceleration to bring you to a safe halt. This system is categorized into two general types: the disc brake and the drum brake. Each disc brake is made up of a pair of pads that sandwiches the rotors when you press on the brake pedal, stopping the spinning of the rotors and the wheels into which the rotors are attached. The drum brake operates in the same manner, only it has a brake drum instead of a rotor and a pair of brake shoes instead of pads. Of all braking parts, the brake pads and shoes require the most frequent inspection and replacement because their friction surface wears over time.
    Whether your auto has a front disc brake and a rear drum brake, or disc brakes at both front and rear, it is a must that you maintain the various braking parts well. If you find the pads or other parts wearing, you must replace them at once to avoid brake-related accidents.

  • Brake Pad Set: Just the Facts

    Among the crucial parts of the braking system is the brake pad set. Found between the calipers and rotors, the brake pad is forced against the brake discs once you step on the brakes. The resulting friction allows the rotor, and the wheel it's attached to, to slow down and eventually stop. To hold their own against the enormous amount of heat and pressure brought by friction, brake pads these days are usually crafted from ceramic or steel. Both materials make for durable, long-lasting brake pads, but, of course, these braking components also experience their share of damage and wear and tear. When the time comes that you need to replace your vehicle's brake pads, you can trust our offers at Auto Parts Deal. We have a wide array of brake replacement products at our catalogs, including the perfect brake pad set for your vehicle

    • Made from high-quality fiber-based compounds enhanced with ceramic particles

    • Ensures dependable, no-fail braking

    • Prevents heat expansion and cracks, and minimize brake noise

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Brake Pad Set

    Avoid accidents. Ensure that your car has a good brake pad set installed in it.
    The chain of command isn't only a human thing. It also applies to organized working parts like your automotive systems. One good example is the braking assembly. Its operation starts with the brake pedal, where you give out the command, so to speak, by pressing on it with your foot. The pressure created is multiplied up to four times by the brake booster. The master cylinder then transmits the brake fluid to activate the pistons in the calipers, pushing the calipers inwards. The brake pad set, stuffed on the inner side of the calipers, clamps into the brake disc, generating friction that stops or slows down the spinning of the wheels.
    The function of the brake pads is basic to stopping your vehicle. Each set includes different numbers of steel-backed plates with friction materials on their surface. Since the pads rub with the rotating steel brake disc, their friction materials are bound to thin over time. So it's important to always check on your auto's brake pad set-both front and rear-to ensure that they haven't reached their minimum thinness limit. But when they already did, replace them immediately to prevent unwanted rotor wear (and untoward incidents, too).
    Running with your pads' friction materials thin reduces your auto's braking ability. This also risks your brake discs because each time you press on the pedal, the pads' metal backing is the one scratching the discs, not the friction surface. When further neglected, you're bound to replace both pads and discs.

  • The Automobile Basics: Brake Pad Set

    Car owners who take their braking system for granted are headed for disaster. Without regular inspection, they won't know if the braking system parts are already worn-out or damaged. For example, worn-out brake pads can cause poor stopping power. There's even a chance that the whole braking system might fail just because of these worn-out pads. To avoid this scenario, car owners must invest on a new Brake Pad Set as soon as they can. This will restore the braking system's ability to come to a stop in order to avoid collisions. The brake pad is just one of the vital components of the braking system. It is made up of steel backing plates that is mounted with a friction material. The brake pad doesn't function on its own. A pair is mounted on the brake caliper. Through hydraulic pressure, the caliper forces the pads together until they come in contact with the whirling rotor. Once the rotor and the pads come in contact, friction is produced which ultimately stops the wheels' motion. The brake pads have to be of the right depth for them to be efficient. Once the depth is below -inch, a new Brake Pad Set is really in order. Brake pad installation is an easy task, especially for Do-It-Yourself mechanics. Only basic tools are needed to get the new Brake Pad Set in place.