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Braking is as simple as stepping on your brake pads and there goes your car stopping. But facts tell otherwise, your auto's brake system is an extension of the driver and the passengers' lives. A poor brake may mean a spoiled future and no one would want that (unless you have some suicidal tendencies). It is therefore important to manage your auto brake system well -- and make sure you use only the reliable partner for car parts.

Brembo Brakes offer only high-performance braking parts that deliver high-end braking. It is the industry-trusted braking system used by many supercar builders in the world today. The Brembo Brakes are offered in such a great variety that it can fit all different levels for unique applications to match your different budgets.

You can choose from the three different performance levels on the Brembo program. You may opt for the Sport system, the Gran Turismo system, or the Track system, whichever best fits your own auto's needs.

With the Brembo Brakes including Brembo Brakes Pads, Brembo Brake Rotors, it is almost unlikely that you will experience any abnormal brake noises. It is made to fit your car's racing capacity. Brembo Brakes can put your car to a stop matching your engine's power for a drive and a race. If before, it is only available for racing cars, then rejoice now since Brembo Brakes can now be installed even to your average street vehicle. So order it now and race safely and secured.

Brembo Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Brembo Brakes & Rotors

    When you're looking for quality aftermarket equipment for commercial vehicles, you can count on Brembo to provide Brembo brakes, Brembo brake pads and Brembo rotors with original factory specifications. Brembo understands that high-carbon cast iron brake discs are necessary to cut down on noise, so Brembo produces its own cast iron to make these disks, which other producers are simply not able to do.
    Bembro brakes are grooved and painted, offering improved braking performance and shorter braking distances regardless of weather conditions. Brembo brake discs use new technology that replaces the full drum on commercial vehicles. The disc brake is economical, safe and as effective as any other braking system.
    Commercial vehicles naturally are subjected to more stress and pressure than regular motor cars, particularly on the disc brakes. And those who use commercial vehicles, particularly the commercial trucking industry, are highly demanding and require excellence in the products they use. Brembro meets these challenges with its decades of experience dedicated to manufacturing high performance brake systems for race cars, motor cars and commercial vehicles. Brembro brings its expertise working with racing systems to bear on the commercial market with high-quality and powerful results. Brembro's new range of brake discs is specifically designed for the commercial sector. Brembro discs, Brembro rotors and Brembro brake pads feature innovative production, including new and different shapes to respond to the needs of commercial vehicles. Exacting tolerances and advanced materials make these brakes, pads and rotors as innovative as they are effective.
    Pioneering products that meet the needs of the commercial trucking industry are Brembro's standard, guaranteeing safety, a smoother ride, longer wear and economical products. Founded in Italy in 1960, Brembro produced the first aftermarket disc brakes available in Italy. Over time, the company became world renowned for its quality Brembro brakes, Brembro brake pads, and Brembro rotors, along with the high technological standards which are still in place to this day. Brembro's more than 40 years of experience manufacturing disk products for cars and commercial vehicles, original equipment and aftermarket products, gives the company a reputation for quality. With more than 1,000 products generated by the company, it boasts the widest range of drums and discs available anywhere, and its products are used on 95 percent of all European cars and commercial vehicles on the road today. These products are widely available from a range of distributors. Brembro guarantees adherence to its strict standards of demanding quality parameters at its manufacturing plants around the world.

  • Brembo: Precision & Technology

    Since 1961, Brembo has been providing quality brakes and brake components. Learn more about the brand here.
    When it comes to your car's performance, it can't be denied that the brakes are of utmost importance. That's the reason why you have to make sure they're in proper working condition. If you don't, your life and the lives of your loved ones will be placed in great danger whenever you drive your car. To help you with your car's braking problems, there's one company that's ready to lend a hand-Brembo.
    Founded in 1961, Brembo operates a number of production plants in three continents that provides disc brakes to 70 countries all over the world. And to guarantee your brake disc performs beyond your expectations, Brembo employs 6,000 people to produce their products for your car. And nine percent of those 6,000 employees are engineers and product specialists that conduct studies and contribute innovative ideas to improve Brembo's brake discs. Along with their workforce, Brembo also utilizes the latest technology into molding high-quality friction materials into the Brembo brake discs you see now. With this advantage, you can have the peace of mind that comes with quality brakes provided by Brembo.
    As a testament to their ingenuity, quality, and success, Brembo has accumulated a number of awards. One of these is the prestigious Mechatronics Italian prize for achieving a harmonious balance between mechanics, informatics, and electronics in their products. So if you're looking for an upgrade to your car's current brakes, you don't need to go far. Brembo is already here to make your ride a whole lot safer.

  • Choosing the Right Brembo Product, For the Right Job

    Once only available on racing cars, Brembo brakes can now be installed on your street vehicle

    No system on your car or truck is more important than the brakes, so trust Brembo to bring you to a stop

    If you think Brembo is just brake pads, check out their Brembo calipers and Brembo rotors too

    Drilled and slotted rotors, high-friction pad compounds, and dozens of other options are available from Brembo brakes, your high-performance brakes leader

    Ferrari's stamp of approval, and its choice of Brembo brakes as standard equipment on its Formula 1 cars in the 1970s, put Brembo brakes on the high-performance map. Prior to that, Brembo brakes were primarily seen on motorcycles buzzing through the Italian alps. But when Enzo chose a supplier, people sat up and took notice, so Brembo brakes soon found their way onto sports cars and racing cars the world over. The company has never looked back: As a supplier of high-end brakes to production cars, Brembo brakes can be found in the wheelwells of such highly respected vehicles as the M-series BMWs and the AMG Mercedes. You can put the ultra performance stopping power of Brembo brakes in your vehicle too, though. There is a full line of rotors, pads, and Brembo brakes produced just for retrofitting onto sport compact cars, muscle cars, and whatever hot rod your mind can create. Remember, Ferrari doesn't choose just anyone to supply brakes for their racing cars: They choose Brembo brakes. Doesn't it make sense for you to specify Brembo brakes on your high-performance street car too?

    The core of your braking system is your brake pads; after all, they supply the friction to stop your vehicle, meaning they have to have exceptional fade resistance, good gripping power, long life, low noisethe list goes on and on. You'll find all these features and more when you choose Brembo brake pads. The different compounds used in Brembo brake pads produce different results foryou guessed it, different situations. If you're driving an F1 car, you're going to be more concerned about reducing fade than about brake dust, and Brembo brake pads for racing will be focused on the performance end of the spectrum. On the other hand, if you're heading home from the track in your Audi A6, you want Brembo brake pads that will stop your car in the shortest distance possible, but you're not going to tolerate squealing or excessive amounts of black dust on your alloy wheels. A street version of Brembo brake pads will match the qualities you want in your daily driver brakes. Peak levels of braking performance are always the first order of business with Brembo brake pads. But you don't have to make compromises on your street vehicle: Brembo brake pads are available for every situation, allowing you to get the best brakes no matter what.

    In a disc brake system, the rotors are the other primary friction components, besides the pads. Brake rotors, like Brembo brake rotors, are the spinning surfaces that the pads clamp down upon, causing the car to stop. Now think about stomping on the brakes at 70 mphit doesn't take a vivid imagination to see the incredible stresses that are placed on your brake rotors. Now imagine stomping on the brakes at 140 mphor more. Racing-style Brembo brake rotors can handle those forces with ease, and even street Brembo brake rotors are designed to handle much more stress than your stock rotors. The funny thing is, a lot of folks will spend thousands on aftermarket performance modifications for their engines, but then not consider how they're going to stop the land missile they've built. Brembo brake rotors can provide the braking power to complement your engine power. Brembo brake rotors are found on some of the top performance cars in the world right from the factory: Thanks to Brembo's strong aftermarket commitment, you can get those same Brembo brake rotors for your car. So if fast street driving, road racing, slaloming, or drifting is in your future, make sure you invest in Brembo brake rotors to bring things back to a halt.