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Your safety when hitting the streets can only be guaranteed if your automobile parts are at their top performing states. First in the list is the brake system that allows you to stop the vehicle anytime you need it to. It is also the reason why an automobile is always equipped with at least two circuits of this system. One goes to the front wheels for primary braking purposes and the other to the rear and serves as the parking or secondary brake of the vehicle. Upgrade types can be rigged on the vehicle as provided by Brembo Sport.

Famous in the after-sales market for their dependable OEM brake system replacements, Brembo Sport is backed with years of experience. The manufacturer started with making exact replacements to consumable braking parts of virtually all vehicle makes and models. Eventually, with the relentless pursuit of their experts to excellence, complete replacement kits have been made for the growing demands in the market. To date, Brembo Sport is already making slotted and drilled disc kits and performance pads that surpass standards of their classes. These products are made from high carbon cast iron and plated to resist corrosion.

Brembo Sport has also been regarded as a multi-awarded manufacturer in the industry. Recently, it has been recognized by the prestigious German Ministry of Transport with their TUV certification. This approves the manufacturer's sport disc applications to be used legally on import vehicles. Basically, this means that their replacement brake disc products passed the R90 requirements. This additional recognition, on top of the others, is another great leap for the brand.