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Brush Guard

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Even without customization, your vehicle comes equipped with the right safety devices and the appropriate body protection. But why not take a little time and make your vehicle even tougher? All it takes is installing a brush guard on your vehicle's front end. A brush guard is useful especially if you like going on the off-road trails, where road and environment conditions are often severe. Your front end usually takes most of the abuse, dealing with fallen branches, boulders, and various other forms of debris. So why not add a brush guard that will keep flinging pebbles and stones from denting or scratching your vehicle's bumper and hood? On top of the protection, you also give your vehicle additional style! Besides, a brush guard is so easy to get here at Carparts.Simply post an order in this catalog and we will do the rest!

• More durable protection for your vehicle's front end

• Made from heavy-duty tubular steel

• Comes in a polished or powder-coated finish