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Buick Century Parts and Buick Century Accessories

Although Buick Century has been around the industry for almost 70 years now, its production was not a consistent one. It started to appear in 1936 with productions fluctuating time after time. It stopped generating another Buick Century creation in 1942 and the public thought this name would not grace the industry again. Until sometime in mid-1950's, this thought was given with another deal of re-consideration as an order from California Highway Patrol for these vehicles to be produced in a colossal fleet paved the way to once again continue the car lineup. The order consisted of only a single body which was the 2-door Buick Century sedans. After which, another significant moment for Buick Century's history will be put on hold when in 1958, these cars were again discontinued. It was not until 1973 when this name re-emerged and to be carried by Buick's mid-sized sedans, wagons, and some coupes.
Resuming once again its production, it was then presumed to be the start of Buick Century's status being stable in the market automotive industry. In the following years to come, there are significant changes that would follow occurring in its physical alterations and some additional of some body styles in the lineup. In 1997, when Buick Century cars were doomed to be the last production year when Buick Skylark was discontinued and the former replaced this and became Buick's entry-level car. Buick Century can be recognized by some of its visual appearance such as its rounder headlights and more angular grille and body was featured with chrome. 2004 was the year when finally Century name would be dropped in favor of the newer Buick LaCrosse leaving the industry with a special trim series for the upcoming demise of the Buick Century name.

With the weaving of Buick Century history, it was apparent that this model of a car won't just give up. It would return at the most unpredictable moment until it was up again to emerge prepared to battle in the automotive market. It would only give justification to the Century name to remain its presence in the industry. This would be possible if these cars were maintained enough with Buick Century automotive parts and accessories. If older Buick Century models seem difficult to maintain, restoration would come handy with Buick Century replacement parts. Whether old or newer Buick Century model, replacement Buick Century parts will make these cars always on the go if coupled with proper maintenance and care.