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Buick CV Boot

There are many things that can cause your Buick to fail the annual inspection, but one of the seemingly strangest items is a ripped rubber cover. The Buick CV boot, however, is not just a simple rubber cover. It does cover the constant velocity joint and protect it from dirt entering the delicate inner workings of the joint. However, the Buick CV boot also acts as the lubrication container for the joint. When the cover cracks from age, or rips from a physical impact, the lubrication will be lost and the joint will soon fail from the added friction. The Buick CV boot keeps the constant velocity joint operating efficiently, so that the power from the transmission can be transferred to the wheels, no matter where the wheels are in relation to the movement of the suspension. Buick CV boot replaced, you will find the correct one for your vehicle in our vast online catalog, for a much lower price than what the dealership would charge. It meets all of the specifications of the original part and comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. To install the Buick CV boot, the tire will have to be removed, several suspension components will have to be disconnected, and the entire axle assembly must be removed from the vehicle. Then the old Buick CV boot can be removed from the axle and replaced with the new unit. After everything is reinstalled, according to the procedure in the repair manual, the process is complete. The new Buick CV boot can be ordered from our secure web site or with a quick phone call to one of our friendly associates, toll-free.