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Buick Cylinder Head Gasket

The Buick head gasket is a hard working engine seal, designed to contain the intense heat and pressure produced by engine combustion. The Buick head gasket forms the seal between the engine block and the cylinder head, sealing the combustion chambers and the oil and coolant passages that carry those fluids between the two. This is a crucial seal, protecting the efficiency of both the engine and the cooling system of the vehicle. The Buick head gasket is designed to withstand the powerful forces of combustion, as well as the exposure to the chemicals that are contained in the vehicle fluids for the life of the engine. However, there are conditions that can cause the Buick head gasket to fail prematurely, such as severe engine overheating. Excessive engine heat can cause the cylinder head to swell or warp, making the gap between it and the engine block irregular, breaching the seal of the Buick head gasket. An inefficient combustion process that causes fuel to detonate in the combustion chambers can produce excess pressure and heat that can cause the Buick head gasket to fail. If the Buick head gasket seal has failed, it can allow coolant to leak into the oil. If there is a foamy residue on the oil dipstick when you check your oil level, it is a good indication of coolant contamination from a leaky Buick head gasket. We carry a selection of quality Buick head gasket replacement parts in our user-friendly online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering safe and easy or our toll-free phone line can take your Buick head gasket order just as conveniently.