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Buick Distributor Cap

In order for the engine of your Buick to run properly, it must know when to fire the spark plugs. The Buick distributor cap is one of the parts that allow the process to continue in a normal fashion. When the voltage from the alternator is sent to the coil, the coil steps the voltage up to as much as 100,000 volts, ands then sends it to the distributor through a spark plug-style wire. Within the Buick distributor cap are several contacts, each connected to a spark plug wire. The power from the coil goes to the rotor in the distributor, and driven by the motion of the engine, the rotor makes connects with each of the contacts in the Buick distributor cap sequentially. When contact is made, the power is sent from the coil to the appropriate spark plug. If the wrong spark plugs are fired in the Buick distributor cap or the unit is defective, the engine will be out of balance, and power and gas mileage will be negatively affected. Over about a year of time, the contacts within the Buick distributor cap will begin to melt from the extreme heat. Fortunately, replacing this part is one of the actions performed in the annual tune-up, if the regular maintenance schedule is followed for the vehicle. If the Buick distributor cap does completely fail, however, your engine will not run at all, but our online catalog has the correct replacement for most models in stock. Your new Buick distributor cap can be ordered online through our secure web site, or with a toll-free phone call to our sales department.