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Buick Electra Parts and Buick Electra Accessories

A Couple of Facts about the Buick Electra

  • In 1959, the Buick Electra and Electra 225 were introduced as the luxury line of the Buick sedan family. Named the "deuce of a quarter," the Buick Electra 225 had an overall length of 5,715 millimeters.

  • The Cadillac Series 62, De Ville, Sixty Special, Eldorado, and Oldsmobile 98 were some of the vehicles that shared the same body mold with the Buick Electra and Electra 225.

  • Slanted headlights, a chromed square grille, "Delta-Fins," round headlights, and extra-wide moldings were the new styles included on the 1959 Electra and Electra 225.

  • The 225 Riviera was Buick's top-of-the-line Electra model featuring a six-window hardtop roofline, which was exclusive only to the Cadillac. A standard four-window four-door hardtop was also made available for the Buick Electra 225 Riviera.

  • Using the General Motors C-body design, the Buick Electra was fitted with a Wildcat V8 engine mated with a two-speed Dynaflow automatic transmission. 12-inch finned aluminum brake drums, power steering, Foamtex seat cushions, padded dashboards, and an electric clock were some of the standard features on the Electra and Electra 225.

  • Buick's Trishield logo and chrome Ventiports were first seen on the 1960 Electra and Electra 225. The Trishield logo is still being used on all the modern Buick cars, while four Ventiports were featured on each of the Electra's front fenders. Ventiports were designed by Buick to help ventilate a car's engine compartment.

  • A "Mirrormatic" speedometer, 3-speed TH-400 (Turbo-Hydramatic), Accu-Drive front suspension, a Glare-proof rearview mirror, and a 401-cubic inch Nailhead V8 engine were some of the innovative technological features incorporated into the Buick Electra.

  • The 1963 Buick Electra is considered as one of its largest and plushest models ever produced. Bright wheelhouses, lower body moldings, and a unique cast front grille were some of the new exterior design features on the Electra. Turbine-Drive automatic transmission, dual-speed electric windshield wipers, dual armrests, power steering, and two-way power seats were also introduced on the Electra.

  • Nicknamed the "Working Man's Monroe", Vera Jayne Palmer or popularly known as Jayne Mansfield died in an automobile accident while riding a 1966 Buick Electra 225.

  • A 1970 Buick Electra 225 made an appearance on the family film "Matilda". While on the television crime drama "Perry Mason", three Buick Electra 225's were featured during the show's third season.

Buick Electra Articles

  • Buick Electra Common Problems

    Replacing the Buick Super, Electra was a full-sized and top-end luxury car. With its iconic "deuce and a quarter" and big block 401 V8 engine, the Electra was large, roomy, and it was the longest 4-door sedan in General Motor's history. People loved the Buick Electra for its lavish, posh, and upscale features. However, Electra owners should be aware of their car's common issues to properly address them when they encounter these problems.


    One of the Buick Electra's most common problems is the push-pull headlight switch. Its circuitry may come in contact with the car's other electrical circuits causing the headlights to operate intermittently, flicker, or suddenly go out. The faulty push-pull switch can suddenly turn off the Electra's headlights, reducing the driver's visibility during nighttime driving or severe weather conditions, which can lead to a vehicular accident.

    A total of 106,111 Buick Electra units were affected by the headlight switch problem. General Motors advised its customers to have their vehicle's headlight switch replaced to avoid any problems.

    Brake System

    Another common problem the Buick Electra encountered is its brake system. Apparently, the brake system's power brake vacuum hoses can fail due to the inferior materials used on them. The Electra's brake hoses may not meet or perform according to specifications. If the hose assembly ruptures, pressure and vacuum from the brake system will be lost, leading to total brake system failure.

    In 1981, 93 Electra units were affected by the vacuum hose problem. Buick Electra owners were advised to bring their units to the nearest dealer and have the vacuum pump inlet and outlet hoses replaced. Buick dealerships were ordered not to charge the customers anything for the replacement.

    Electrical System

    Several Buick Electra models encountered problems with the car's fuses and circuit breakers. One of the in-line fusible links found near the plastic windshield washer bottle bracket was prone to melting down. During a high resistance load, the in-line fusible link can melt down that can ignite the plastic washer bottle bracket, resulting into a fire in the car's engine bay.

    In 1987, about 479,715 units were affected by the problems with the in-line fusible links. Owners were advised by General Motors to bring their cars to the dealers for the immediate replacement of the plastic windshield washer bottle bracket.