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Buick Motor And Transmission Mount

If the engine of your Buick were bolted directly to the frame of the vehicle, riding in it would be equivalent to sitting on the handles of a jackhammer for a few hours. As the engine runs it produces a great amount of vibration, but the Buick engine mount system is well designed to isolate the vibration from the passengers of the vehicle. Using a thick piece of rubber between the engine and the frame, the Buick engine mount absorbs most of the vibration. More than that, the unit protects the vehicle from expensive damage. The same vibration that rattles you could cause damage to the engine and the transmission. When a Buick engine mount goes bad, you may feel a hesitation or a thump when a gear engages. This means that the engine is moving vertically, which it is not supposed to do. Unfortunately, the rubber that the Buick engine mount relies on, to cushion vibration, eventually starts to crack and break apart with age. When it its time to replace the Buick engine mount, you will find the proper part for most vehicles in our large online catalog, for a great price. To install the Buick engine mount, you will need to relive the weight of the engine, at the proper location, with a jack. Then the old part can be unbolted, and the new part installed. Our Buick engine mount will last at least as long as the original, and it can be depended upon to perform just as well, if not better. When you are ready to order the Buick engine mount, you can do it at any time of the day through our secure web site, or by phone, toll-free.