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Buick Oil Pan

The Buick oil pan is the component that collects the oil that circulates to lubricate your engine during operation. The oil drains down to the Buick oil pan when the engine is at rest, where it is stored until needed again when the vehicle is started. When the vehicle is started, the oil pump is activated, and begins to draw the oil up from the oil pan, and direct it through the oil filter to remove any impurities that could damage sensitive engine parts. After the oil has been cleaned by the oil filter, it is pumped in a high pressure stream to the walls of the piston cylinders and the many bearings that keep the major engine parts moving freely without damaging friction. The Buick oil pan is a durable component, built to last through a lot of driving miles, but as with any vehicle part, time and the elements can slowly take a toll on the Buick oil pan. The most frequent cause of wear in the Buick oil pan is corrosion. The Buick oil pan is exposed to the moisture and road salt that is often splashed up into the undercarriage of the vehicle during travel, which can promote corrosion that can eventually lead to leaks. The gasket that seals the Buick oil pan can fail, allowing the oil to run out onto the ground. We carry a selection of quality Buick oil pan replacements in our online catalog at great low prices. Our secure site will make ordering safe and easy or our toll-free phone line can take your Buick oil pan order just as efficiently.