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Buick Rendezvous Hub Cap

Top Reasons for Flying Buick Rendezvous Hub Caps

The hub caps of the Buick Rendezvous complete the look of your SUV's wheels and rims. However, many owners have reported that the ones on their vehicles tend to loosen and fly away as they drive. Replacing gone ones with a new set of caps may temporarily solve the issue, but even the fresh ones aren't guaranteed to stick on your Buick's wheels forever. In order for you to save cash and not repeat this kind of problem, it's important that you know what the main reasons are for losing hub caps in the first place.

Weak clips

The clips play a big role in keeping the hub caps in place. Most of the time, failing and breaking ones are the main reason why your wheels lose them. If ever you are able to retrieve the broken pieces, you can glue them together as a temporary repair. Replace weak clips with new stronger ones for a long-term solution.

Uneven installation

Hub caps should be flat and level when these are installed. There shouldn't be any large gaps that can become the start of detachment. Other than that, the caps should also be placed directly in the center for a proper fit. Unevenly placed ones look bad on the wheel. Slight variations are very noticeable. Badly installed caps are usually the main reason behind squeaking wheels when all other adjustments don't seem to get rid of the noise. The caps rattle around as the clips holding these fail to work when the SUV is moving.

Misfit design

Improperly designed hub caps that don't make a good fit to the wheels it should cover are another reason behind having flying ones. Small and loose ones aren't held properly. On the other hand, tight caps have a tendency to break their retaining clips and can potentially fly away as well. This is usually a problem that won't be solved if you stick to buying and replacing the ones for your car with stock parts. Be certain of your wheels' measurement before you go out and spend some on new ones. Getting the right fit will go a long way into keeping these caps in place.

  • Three Ways to Keep Your Buick Rendezvous Hub Caps Looking Great

    Buick Rendezvous hub caps are a great way to dress the wheels of your SUV. These cover and protect the tires' lug nuts and at the same time also help give your ride good looks. However, since these are near the ground, there are many things that can directly affect the caps that can give you problems. Do everything you can do in order for the ones on your SUV to look great and stay in place. The following are three great and easy ways for you to keep your Buick's hub caps looking great:

    Clean with enough force.

    It's a good idea to give your hub caps a good clean as often as possible. Dirt, dust, mud, and other stains can easily make their way to the part. Brake dust can also accumulate and stain the caps if you don't give these a wash. Soap and water is a good start against any cleaning job. Wheel cleaners are a good way to get rid any dirt on the caps. For tough stains, you can use an electric tool with a buffering or grinding attachment to soften the muck. There are also procedures you can do which use items you can use around the house-like vinegar and toothpaste-that can also get the job done.

    Avoid roadside curbs.

    Good driving habits does wonders in maintaining hub caps. Properly handle the car especially when you turn and park because hitting roadside curbs has various negative effects. Accidental scratches and bumps are a hideous sight on any part of the Buick Rendezvous. This is also true for the vehicle's shiny hub caps. Other than getting ugly ones, contact can also loosen caps. This is the usual precursor to having these fly off of your wheels.

    Stay away from bumps.

    Bumps and pot holes hurt not just your car's suspension system. These hazards can also dislodge and loosen hub caps. If the ones on your car are relying on weak, unstable, or broken clips, passing over a bad road is a sure way for you to see these covers roll away from your car.