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Buick Timing Belt

While there are many parts in your vehicle that you can allow your common sense to determine when they need replacement, as opposed to strictly abiding by suggested maintenance schedule, your Buick timing belt is not one of these parts. With other parts, you can visually inspect them, and have a fairly clear idea of the degree of wear that they have undergone, but this is not the case with the Buick timing belt, due to its position and also due to the fact that even if the Buick timing belt looks intact, it can still snap without warning. Timing belts are just like that, and you should abide by the maintenance schedule to avoid being stranded somewhere by putting off this maintenance task, as your vehicle simple will not run at all if the Buick timing belt is not in working order. As the name suggests, your Buick timing belt serves to keep the valves and pistons working in such a way that the timing of their operation is coordinated, allowing the air and fuel ratio to be as it should and the exhaust to be expulsed at the correct time. The recommended replacement point, in terms of number of miles, can vary according to year and model, but it is something that you should bear in mind from about 70,000 miles on. You may, but will not always, experience some subtle symptoms before a Buick timing belt failure. Because these symptoms, such as rough running and idling, misfiring, backfiring, a general sort of poor performance and power loss, as well as others that relate to the combustion and exhaust systems, are common to other mechanical difficulties, you may have to go through a process of elimination to determine that it is indeed your Buick timing belt that is giving you a problem. You can order your Buick timing belt replacement either online, using our secure site, or you can dial our toll-free telephone number.