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Bullet Nerf Bars are made of superior metals, resistant finishes and moulded plastics for a perfect fit and head-turning looks

Easy installation requires no drilling just bolt them on and you're ready to go

Designed and manufactured to the strictest tolerances for maximum stability and reliability

Bullet is so confident of its nerf bars, they're guaranteed for life

In recent years, the popularity of pickup trucks and sports-utility vehicles has risen dramatically, and due to their height advantage over other automobiles, many have chosen to add Bullet Nerf Bars to their trucks. Bullet Nerf Bars are frame-mounted steps, which make it easier to climb behind the wheel of these massive vehicles. Unlike previous step systems, however, these Bullet Nerf Bars have aesthetic appeal to many people, and they are often better built. They are made out of 16-guage steel or aluminum rolled into a tube, but there are several different styles of Bullet Nerf Bars. The first Bullet Nerf Bars to come out were straight tubes that ran the length of the door, or doors depending on size, and curved underneath the body a the ends. A flattened-out space on the Bullet Nerf Bars contains steps made of rubber or another non-slip surface. The common finishes for these Bullet Nerf Bars were a 304 stainless steel mirror finish, polished aluminum, chrome, or a black-powder coat. Other Bullet Nerf Bars are straight tubes, available in similar finishes, with matching end caps, and are attached to the body with black powder-coated brackets. Available in both the straight tube and curved-end tube shape, the third style of Bullet Nerf Bars is an oval tube, rather than the circular design. It is made in the same finishes, but these Bullet Nerf Bars provide a wider area to step on. All styles of Bullet Nerf Bars are corrosion resistant, and usually mount easily to the body with no drilling.

Bullet Nerf Bars are an attractive alternative to the traditional running board, for ease in climbing into or out of taller vehicles. They have a sporty streamlined appearance that appeals to many who drive larger vehicles, such as pickups and sports utility vehicles. They are stainless steel, or aluminum tube side steps, typically equipped with non-slip step pads. They are often available in a polished mirror finish, a black powder coated finish, or chrome. They are available for most of the pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles that are popularly driven today. They are most commonly available in standard 3-inch diameter, but are also available in a heavy-duty 4-inch diameter. A variation on the round steel tube Bullet Nerf Bar is the oval steel tube version, also equipped with non-slip step pads, and providing a wider, flatter surface to step up on. These are also available in a polished steel, black powder coated finish, or chrome finish. All of these Bullet Nerf Bars typically come with their own mounting brackets, some of which are guaranteed to be weather, salt and rust resistant. Many require no drilling for installation, while some require minimal drilling to install. They are available with vehicle specific mounting kits, made for most popular makes and models of light trucks and SUVs. Professional installation is widely available, however if you are a do-it- yourself person, many of the installation kits are fashioned with you in mind, with simple bolt on mounting systems that require no frame drilling to install.

One of the most popular accessories for today's larger vehicles, such as pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, is the Bullet Bar. This is a popular new twist on the traditional running board or step board that make getting in and out of these taller vehicles easier. The Bullet Bar comes in several styles and sizes. For example, they are available in 3 inch, 3.5 inch, or 4 inch diameter tubes. The tubes can be round, or oval for a flatter, wider step area. You can buy them in cab length or wheel-to-wheel style. There are also a variety of materials, and finishes to choose from. They are available in stainless steel, or aluminum, with finishes such as black powder coated paint, mirror polished steel, or chrome plating. The non-slip step pads that are typically featured on these bars vary in size and tread, some designed to channel away rainwater. Most Bullet Bars are vehicle specific, manufactured to fit a particular make and model. This makes installation easier, as the mounting brackets are built to fit your vehicle, and can be often attached without any need for frame drilling. This is very convenient if you are the do-it-yourself type. However, for those who own older or less common vehicles, there may not be a vehicle specific Bullet bar made for your vehicle. In that case, there are universal Bullet Bars available. These universal Bullet Bars may require frame drilling or rocker panels for proper installation. For those who are not interested in do-it-yourself installation, professional installation is widely available.