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Performance Module and Chip by Bully Dog

There are a number of ways to improve your engine's performance, and some of them are easier than others. In the old days, you could spend hours fiddling with your carburetor settings and making adjustments through trial and error, but today most engines are controlled with onboard computers. You can still improve performance by installing a lot of performance parts, which cost you time and money. Or, you can simply plug a performance chip like the Bully Dog 6 Position 4 Bank chip into your control module and get immediate results.

Performance chips improve your engine's performance in a number of ways, typically by making adjustments to your vehicle's fuel-air ratio, spark advance, and automatic transmission settings. Just as the name suggests, the 6 Position 4 Bank chip features six different configurations, so you can adjust your engine's performance for maximum speed, maximum power, or any combination in between, using an in-cab adjustment knob.

The Bully Dog 6 Position 4 Bank chip gives you more power at the push of a button. You can boost your engine's horsepower by 50, 75, or 100, turn on an ignition-kill security setting, or get better starts in cold weather with the high-idle level. No matter what you're looking for in a performance chip, you'll find it with the 6 Position 4 Bank chip.

With the superior Bully Dog 6 Position 4 Bank chip, you won't have to worry about engine overheating, since it is designed to keep your engine running cool. The 6 Position 4 Bank chip also features automatic transmission adjustment software to extend transmission life and improve shift points.

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Bully Dog Performance Module and Chip Articles

  • Bully Dog Series: Rapid

    Bully Dog Performance Module and Chip

    Back in the day, auto enthusiasts used to spend hours tinkering with engine settings in order to gain the best performance. Factory engine settings are designed for conservation, so that your engine will perform adequately in a number of different driving conditions, but your engine is capable of more. Today, there is not much tinkering you can do with a modern vehicle, since many of your engine's functions are controlled by an onboard computer. However, this is actually good news, since you can now plug in a performance part like the Bully Dog Rapid Power Module and get instant increases in horsepower, torque, and fuel economy.

    The Rapid Power Module is like a hand-held computer for your vehicle. It plugs right in to your OSBII port in your cab, so you don't even have to pop the hood for installation. Once you have the Bully Dog Rapid Power Module in place, you will notice an immediate and drastic improvement in the way your engine runs, and your driving experience as a whole.

    What does the Rapid Power Module do for your diesel truck? For one thing, you will see gains of up to 103 horsepower and 239 pounds of torque, depending on your vehicle's make and model. In addition, the module will not overheat or damage your injectors, so you will not risk harming your engine with installation. The Bully Dog Rapid Power Module includes tranny-smart software with anti-slipping measures and sweet shift improvements.

    Quick and easy installation and in-cab operation make the Rapid Power Module the perfect performance modifier for anyone who doesn't want to spend hours tinkering. Feed your need for speed and power with this easy-to-use performance enhancement.

  • Bully Dog Series: Torque Dog

    Bully Dog Performance Module and Chip

    The simple yet highly effective Bully Dog Torque Dog Module is one of the best performance modules available on the market for your Dodge Cummins diesel truck engine. Like other Bully Dog performance enhancement components, the Torque Dog Module plugs right in to your engine from the cab, through your data port link and boost sensor. Gains in horsepower, torque, and miles per gallon are at your fingertips in minutes.

    The performance of your engine relies on three main factors: spark advance, fuel-air ratio, and transmission shift point settings. When your vehicle came from the factory, the stock settings were programmed on the conservative side. This enables your engine to run decently in a variety of different driving conditions. However, your engine is capable of more, and the Bully Dog Torque Dog Module lets you unlock your unused capacities.

    With three different power settings--stock, performance, and high performance--you can match the conditions in your engine to your driving needs, whether you're flying down the highway or towing a couple of boats. Best of all, the Torque Dog Module lets you change settings on the road, while you are driving, so your truck will be able to handle whatever the road throws at you with ease.

    The first performance setting of the Bully Dog Torque Dog Module gives you 50 extra horsepower and 105 pounds of torque, while the highest level puts out 90 horsepower and 190 torque. You can also drop back to stock settings at any time. Kick up your Dodge with the Torque Dog Module today.