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Cars can be loaded up with a number of protection enhancements like additional airbags, better seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, halogen lights and other equipments that can add more protection and even style to our vehicle. One of these is the bumper.
There are two kinds of bumpers that are usually installed in one's car, the front and rear bumpers. These are huge reshaped metal shields designed to absorb shock from minor, low-speed collisions. Bumpers are not only designed to protect the vehicle's passengers, most are made to enhance the vehicle's appearance. It can either add more balance to the automobile's look and even contribute to the vehicle's aerodynamic design. A well-designed bumper is a perfect balance between the two aspects, it can protect and add beauty.
With the surge of automobile customization, bumpers are now only considered to be add-ons to enhance the look of one's automobile. Others just have their bumpers custom made to fit their liking and disregarding its most important aspect, giving protection.
But we do not overlook the importance of a bumper's protective capacity. We always make sure that there is a complete balance between the two. We offer custom-made bumpers that are not only stylish but have also passed Federal standards with high marks.

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    Protection and style: these are what your bumper gives your car.
    Ever experienced something magically lasting? Want your ride to have that effect on onlookers? Sure you do/ It's really rewarding for auto buffs to overwhelm people with the curves and details of their cars. And that you can do by keeping your vehicle's front end, especially its bumper, looking brand-new and sleek.
    Your car's front bumper is normally a notch higher than the rest of the front-end parts of your vehicle. Not only can it act as an auto embellishment but can, more importantly, also get you extra points for safety on the road. Your car's first line of defense, the front bumper serves as a natural shock absorber. During light to moderate collisions, it's the first part to endure the hit. Thus, it's designed to absorb impacts to keep you safe and unharmed in the passenger cabin when collisions occur. It, too, is configured with a bumper absorber, bracket, end, filler, reinforcement, and retainer, all of which ensure the bumper's durability and reliability. There are nifty add-ons, too, like the bumper trim, guard, step pad, tow hook, and tow eye that you can use to further enhance it.
    Every automobile has two bumpers: the front and the rear. Both are crafted to be tough and designed to improve aerodynamics. Some bumpers also house the fog lights and other important lighting parts. So if your car has irregular bumpers, get some replacements right away. Simply order the one you need and install it-even all by yourself.