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Bumper Absorber

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Every driver, even the best, is at risk of being involved in a road accident. That is why your vehicle is equipped with reliable protective parts like the bumper. The bumper is your vehicle's first line of defense against front and rear collisions. If you want added protection, though, you can back up the bumper with a bumper absorber. Made of Styrofoam or durable plastic, this bumper accessory is mounted between the bumper and the bumper cover. The bumper absorber takes and dissipates most minor collision impact. Although this product doesn't guarantee total protection against collisions, it can help the bumper significantly reduce the severity of potential damage. Interested in this product? You are now at the right store-Carparts. We offer topnotch bumper absorbers and other bumper accessories at the right price. Check us out!

• Made from durable plastic or Styrofoam for strength

• Increases the reliability of a stock bumper

• Easy to install, no drilling required

Bumper Absorber Articles

  • How to Install a Front Bumper Absorber

    Many people take the bumper absorber for granted, but this piece of dense Styrofoam or plastic does a great job in protecting your vehicle from low-impact crashes. On top of that, your bumper absorber also allows you to save on bumper repairs by helping to keep the shape of your bumper cover. To avoid unnecessary damage from a minor parking lot incident, make sure to replace your damaged bumper absorber with a new one.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Screwdriver set
    2. Wrench and socket set
    3. Floor jack
    4. Heavy-duty rivet gun (optional)

    Preparing your vehicle

    Disconnect any wires that might be connected to the front lights of your vehicle including those for the turn signals and the fog lights. Take out all the components on the front bumper including all the lights, the license plate, and the bumper trim.

    Removing the front bumper cover

    Place the floor jack beneath the bumper cover to support its weight. This will keep the bumper cover from accidentally falling off and getting damaged. Take out the screws that hold the fender liners to gain access to the bumper cover bolts. Remove the lower and upper mounting bolts and the clips that hold the bumper cover before carefully lowering the bumper cover.

    Taking out the old bumper absorber

    Pull the center of the bumper absorber to remove it from your vehicle. If the bumper absorber was secured with rivets, you will have to drill them out first or snap the rivet heads off.

    Installing the bumper absorber

    Carefully line the new bumper absorber along the location of the old one. Make sure that it is properly aligned to avoid having problems with fitting your bumper cover afterwards. For added measure, lock it in place using the heavy-duty rivet gun and some replacement aluminum rivets.

    Putting the front bumper back together

    Follow the reverse procedure of the bumper cover removal to reinstall the bumper cover.

    Tips and warnings

    • Apply some tape to the corners of the bumper cover, the front edges of the hood, and other nearby body panels to prevent your vehicle's paint from being damaged.