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Keep your distance. This is one of the golden rules in driving. And the faster you go, the more distance you have to put between you and the car in front of you. Sadly, there are drivers who disregard such caution.So whether you're one of them or you're the one who often gets hit, it'll be good to have a bumper cover on your ride. This accessory is a sturdy strip of molded plastic, urethane, or metal that fits over your vehicle's stock bumper. It provides protection for the bumper, so it won't be easily grazed and dented during low-impact collisions.Thus, you also avoid expensive bumper repair and repaint costs. Installing bumper covers is pretty easy. And although a bumper cover can be repaired, replacement is the quickest, easiest solution.If you're in need of aftermarket bumper covers for your vehicle, you're in luck. Carparts provides you a wide range of bumper covers crafted to fit all vehicle makes and models.

• Comes with optional fog light holes

• Comes in different colors, but also comes in primered and ready-to-paint finishes

• Provides a perfect fit for easy installation

Bumper Cover Articles

  • Bumper Cover Brands: Street Scene vs. Xenon

    Every vehicle needs a sturdy and stylish bumper cover. Your car's bumper cover is what protects your bumper and the other car components in the area from getting damaged when a minor accident occurs. This part is also what people see first in your car so it has to look presentable at all times. Choosing the right bumper cover for your car can be tough considering the wide range of bumper covers offered in the market. To help you narrow down your choices, we picked two top brands to find out which bumper cover can do the job better.

    Quality and performance

    The Street Scene bumper cover that we tried on our Toyota Corolla was made from high quality urethane material. The same kind of material that the Xenon bumper cover was also made from. Built from a tough and flexible material, both bumper covers showcased exceptional durability and resistance when put under stress and repeated flexing.

    WINNER: Street Scene and Xenon

    Design and fit

    When it comes to the fit and design of the bumper covers, both brands were able to impress us. The Street Scene bumper cover that we put on our Toyota Corolla had a distinctive styling that gave the car a sleek new look. The Xenon bumper cover was able to do the same with its design that fit our vehicle with precision. Both bumper covers are paintable so that they can match any color of a vehicle.

    WINNER: Street Scene and Xenon

    Ease of installation

    Bumper cover installation may look like it requires a lot of help but we did not experience difficulties installing the Street Scene and Xenon bumper covers on our car. Both products came with the necessary clips and components for that easy and hassle-free installation.

    WINNER: Street Scene and Xenon

    The verdict

    Based on your experience in using Street Scene and Xenon bumper covers in our Toyota Corolla, we can say that both brands offer the same quality and performance so choosing either of them can do you and your car no wrong. Both brands of bumper covers are also covered by lifetime manufacturers' warranty.

  • How to Install a Bumper Cover

    Your car's bumper cover protects sections of your bumper while adding a different look and shape to the car. In some vehicles, it is also where the lights and the front fender grill are housed. Being positioned on the edge of your vehicle makes your bumper covers susceptible to wear and damage. That is why it's important to replace it immediately when it gets damaged from a minor accident. Aside from giving your car an unpleasant look, a broken bumper will not be able to protect you bumper and the other car components in the area. Fortunately, installing a new bumper cover on your vehicle is a relatively simple process regardless of what kind of car you are driving. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Needed tools and materials

      New bumper cover



    Preparing for the task

    Before installing a new bumper cover for your car, make sure that you have everything you need set up. This will make the installation process much faster and easier. You car should also be engaged in the emergency parking brake. This will prevent the car from moving or rolling while you're removing the old bumper cover.

    Removing the old bumper

    Using a screwdriver, remove the screws and fasteners that secure your old bumper cover in place. Once you have removed the screws, carefully pull the old bumper cover away from the vehicle and set it aside. Don't forget to keep the screws, brackets, and fasteners in a secure container as you may need to reuse them with your new bumper cover.

    Installing the new bumper cover

    Check the alignment of your new bumper cover before putting it on the vehicle. While aligning your new bumper with the front or back of your car, make sure that it is placed on a blanket or a towel that is laid out on the ground to avoid scratching it. Once you have it properly aligned, you can start inserting the plastic clips through the sheet metal of the vehicle. To secure the new bumper cover in place, tighten the screws and plastic clips properly with a screw then reconnect the other additional brackets.

    Tips and warnings

    To avoid having to repaint the new bumper cover, make sure that it's in a color that matches your car's perfectly.

    Some fasteners on your replacement bumper cover may require the need for a hex screwdriver.