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Gaps in a vehicle aren't really appealing to look at. It's like having a hole in a wall. The moment you see one, you want to cover it up in a hurry. An area where these gaps can appear is at the front portion of your ride, particularly between the grille and the bumper. And the best way to cover these openings up is by inserting a bumper filler in between. The bumper filler is designed to help enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle by eliminating any gaps that can be found between your bumper and grille. That way, it's able to complete your ride's overall appearance. Since it's situated in the vehicle's front, it needs to be built tough so it won't wear out easily. To ensure that, each one is made from high-density materials and are manufactured to match today's OE specifications. This allows the device to provide longer lasting service. Aside from being built tough, the filler is constructed to match most vehicle makes and models. This gives it a direct-fit design that allows it to be installed easily. The design also eliminates the need for you to make unnecessary changes to its structure. To keep your vehicle's from looking unsightly, make sure the gaps between the bumper and grille is covered with a bumper filler. This will give your ride a more complete appearance and keep it from being laughed at on the road.

Bumper Filler Articles

  • The Battle for Bumper Filler Supremacy: Metro Moulded vs Replacement

    Adding bumper filler to your ride will surely boost its overall look. After all, the purpose of this component is to fill the gap between the bumper and vehicle body in order to give it a more streamlined appearance. Now, Metro Moulded and Replacement are two brands that produce outstanding bumper fillers. So if you're torn as which brand to buy from, then check out this toe-to-toe breakdown of both brands of bumper filler.


    Replacement bumper fillers are designed with air hole and crafted to match OE specs. The benefit of the Replacement fillers is that they're guaranteed to fit your ride perfectly. Metro Moulded, on the other hand, is also an OE replacement, which offers a superb product fit. In addition to that, this filler was molded using high heat and up to 125 tons of pressure, yielding a cleaner and smoother look. The Replacement filler is a dependable choice, but it's hard to deny the advanced design and craftsmanship of the one by Metro Moulded.

    WINNER:Metro Moulded


    While the Replacement brand offers bumper fillers that are made with high-density material, the Metro Moulded bumper fillers has the winning hand. Its rubber is made with an advanced EPDM formula that offers superior ozone and UV resistance. There's no doubting the durability of the Replacement filler, but it's pretty evident which brand comes out on top in this department.

    WINNER: Metro Moulded


    When it comes to warranty, Replacement offers customers a nifty 1-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. This warranty is great due to the unlimited mileage and is sure to help you sleep at night. The Metro Moulded brand, however, does not offer a warranty with it bumper fillers.


    The verdict

    In spite of the generous warranty offered by Replacement as well as its overall dependability, the Metro Moulded bumper filler is more durable and more advanced in design. Therefore, Metro Molded takes this one-game, set, and match.

  • How to Install a New Bumper Filler

    Whoever said that safety and aesthetics don't go together must never have heard of bumper filler. This component is a panel that is fitted to an auto between the bumper and the body. Its purpose is to fill the gap between the bumper and body, giving it a more streamlined look. Whether you've got a damaged bumper filler or you're about to install a new one, you're definitely going to need some helpful DIY tips. So keep reading to learn how to install a new bumper filling.

    Required skill level: Novice

    What you'll need:


      Ratchet and log extension

      Wrench set

      Replacement bumper filler

      Jack and jack stands


    As with every DIY project, you're going to want to practice basic safety precautions. So, for starters, be sure that you're parked on a level surface and in a well lit area. Also, wear gloves and goggles before getting started. When you're ready, jack the front of your ride up and prop it with jack stands. This will give you proper access to you bumper filler and its bolts.

    Remove the damaged filler

    Use the ratchet and log extension to loosen the hidden nut, which is located at the inner fender area. Loosen this nut, but there's no need to completely remove it. From there, remove the clip holding the bracket and the end of the rubber extension. Afterwards, remove the two hidden bolts found under the front bumper. Use your wrench for this. In the same location, you'll see another hidden bold; remove this one as well. Now that the bracket is loose, you'll be able to slide the bumper filler off; make sure to slide the filler toward the driver side.

    Install the new bumper filler

    The installation of the bumper filler is fairly easy. All you need to do is put it in the same way you took the damaged one out. Be sure to return all the bolts securely before finishing up.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Bumper Filler

    The gap between your vehicle's bumper and the grille can throw your vehicle's appearance off. Sure, it's not a major concern, but don't you want to see your car look perfect? You can use a premium bumper filler to conceal that gap. Once installed, this bumper accessory can make your vehicle's front end look more seamless. Not only that, the bumper filler also prevents the bumper from making noise when it collides with another object. For a more customized look, you can actually paint the bumper filler to match your vehicle's current appearance. The bumper filler is usually made from fiber glass or ABS plastic, to make the accessory both durable and easily customizable. So, bridge the gap between the bumper and the grill and customize your vehicle with a bumper filler. Auto Parts Deal offers a wide array of bumper accessories for a wide range of makes and models. Check out our catalogs today!

    • Fills the space between your vehicle's bumper and grille

    • Installs easily without special tools

    • Looks great and adds style to your vehicle