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Bed Rail Cap by Bushwacker

Protecting your truck bed is essential for a long truck life. Scuffs, scratches and dents along the tops of your bed rails not only look ugly, but they can also promote serious long-term damage. Once moisture has an entry point into your auto body, you are going to risk rust and corrosion that will weaken the structure of your vehicle. Protect your pickup bed sides with Bushwacker DiamondBack bed rail caps.

No matter what you haul around in your pickup, chances are you're going to end up scuffing the sides. Whether you have a tendency to toss or push heavy objects in, or you use tie-downs attached to your bed rails, there is the possibility for damage. DiamondBack bed rail caps seal in the edges of your truck bed and protect them not only from heavy loads, but also from exposure to the elements.

Bushwacker DiamondBack bed rail caps are made with exclusive Dura-Flex thermoplastic that resists cracking, warping, and damage from UV rays. They hold their shape in extreme temperatures, and stay looking great for years. You can pick up a set of DiamondBack bed rail caps with or without stake hole pockets, and they are compatible with truck toppers as well.

Installing Bushwacker DiamondBack bed rail caps is easy and fast, using the pre-set 3M super-adhesive pads on the undersides of the caps. You can get them on and get on your way in just minutes. Protect the investment that is your truck or SUV by installing DiamondBack bed rail caps on your bed, and your truck will thank you for it/

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