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Fender Flares by Bushwacker

Improving your vehicle's appearance through custom add-ons and accessories is a great way to enhance your profile and step up performance at the same time. For example, you may have decided to install wider wheels on your truck or SUV for a meaty, rugged look. Whether or not you have wide tires installed, Bushwacker Cut-Out fender flares make a great addition to your big, powerful vehicle.

Cut-Out fender flares come in OEM matte black finish. They look great as they come, but they will also readily accept custom paint so you can match them to your vehicle. With pocket-style accents and extra clearance that really shows off your tires, the overall look of Bushwacker Cut-Out fender flares gives you off-road ruggedness wherever you drive.

ker's exclusive Dura-Flex thermoplastic. This material is UV-resistant, non-cracking, and non-warping, so they will remain flexible in extreme low temperatures and will not bend with excessive heat.

Bushwacker Cut-Out fender flares can be installed with either factory bolt locations or using set screws, depending on your vehicle's make and model. They can be drilled or cut to fit any vehicle, and look right at home on your extra-wide tires. Custom Cut-Out fender flares are a great addition to any truck or SUV, and you'll love the extra protection afforded to your vehicle's sides from the mud, dirt, snow, salt, gravel, and road debris your tires spray out.

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Bushwacker Fender Flares Articles

  • Bushwacker Series: Extend dash a dash

    Bushwacker Fender Flares

    Your truck or SUV has a great set of tires, whether you're driving with stock or you have installed custom wide-width wheels. Of course, this means you want to show them off to the world. What better way to showcase your tires than with a good set of fender flares? For the most versatile and durable flares around, consider Bushwacker Extend-a-Fender fender flares for your vehicle.

    Whether you need a little extra room or a lot, Extend-a-Fender fender flares have you covered. You can install them with a width range from one to three inches, depending on the design of your vehicle and your specific needs. The glossy black finish looks great above your wheels, and lends your truck or SUV a rugged, sporty appearance for a great off-road style no matter where you drive.

    Bushwacker Extend-a-Fender fender flares not only look great, but they also provide needed protection for your vehicle. If the scratch and dent look is not what you want on your fenders, you will be pleased with the way Extend-a-Fender fender flares keep mud, slush, salt, gravel, and road debris from spraying up along the sides of your vehicle and messing up your paint job. In addition, fender flares prevent wheel well build-up of ice and snow in the winter, saving you time and frustration.

    Installing Bushwacker Extend-a-Fender fender flares is a three-step process. All of the necessary hardware and software is included in the fender kit, so you won't have to make an emergency run to the auto parts store in the middle of installation. Fully customizable Extend-a-Fender fender flares are the best solution for protecting your fenders and showing off your wheels.

  • Bushwacker Series: Pocket dash Style

    Bushwacker Fender Flares

    If you want your truck or SUV to last a long time, you're going to have to take care of the exterior just as diligently as you maintain your engine. This means making sure that the hazards of the road do not make a mess of your paint job, because not only does constant exposure dull your finish, but also the small scratches and dents caused by flying debris will promote the development of rust and corrosion. Since your fenders are closest to the source of the damage, it makes sense to protect them with Bushwacker Pocket-Style fender flares.

    Custom designed for your vehicle's make and model, Pocket-Style fender flares put your fenders to work in the protection racket by transforming them into debris deflectors. You won't have to worry about mud, slush, salt, gravel, and debris spraying up along the sides of your vehicle with Bushwacker Pocket-Style fender flares in place. Just think of how many trips to the car wash you will save without mud caked on your fenders and doors every time you drive in less-than-perfect conditions.

    Of course, Pocket-Style fender flares also look great on your vehicle. The wide flare design lends your truck or SUV a rugged appearance, and the matte black finish looks great by itself, as well as readily accepts paint for a custom look to match your vehicle. Bushwacker Pocket-Style fender flares are completely UV resistant, and will not crack or warp in extreme temperatures, so they will last just as long as your vehicle does.

    Installation of your Pocket-Style fender flares is straightforward. The included gleaming stainless steel hardware uses your vehicle's factory holes for most makes and models, though some may require drilling.

  • Bushwacker Series: RidgeBack

    You may have a drop-in or spray-on bed liner for your pickup to protect your bed from scratches, dents, and dings resulting from your loads, but what about your bed rails? The top of your pickup bed is just as prone to damage, especially if you carry boards, pipes, or other oversized, long-length loads. You can also scratch your rails if you end up loading anything over the side. Keep all of your pickup bed in great shape with Bushwacker RidgeBack bed rail caps.

    RidgeBack bed rail caps are made with Bushwacker's exclusive Dura-Flex thermoplastic, which resists cracking, warping, and damage from UV rays, holding its shape in extreme temperatures. Since they are made of lightweight yet extremely durable plastic, Bushwacker RidgeBack bed rail caps are much easier to manipulate than aluminum diamond plate bed rail caps, and conform more closely to your truck bed, making them topper compatible.

    In addition, RidgeBack bed rail caps look great mounted on the sides of your truck. The matte black finish is a perfect match for your truck bed liner, and it also easily holds paint for a customizable look. The molded plastic ridges help to maintain a grip on extra-wide or long loads, and they are available with or without stake hole pockets for extra tie-down capacity.

    Installing a set of Bushwacker RidgeBack bed rail caps couldn't be easier. They feature pre-set super-adhesive aluminum from 3M, so all you have to do is remove the adhesive lining and press them into place. There is no drilling, clamping, or special tools required for the job. With RidgeBack bed rail caps in place, you won't have to worry about scuffed, scratched, dented or banged up bed walls, and you can enjoy your truck for what it was meant to do.

  • Bushwacker Series: SmoothBack

    Have you looked at the top of your bed rails lately? If you have been using your truck to haul oversized loads, chances are you may notice a few scuffs, scratches, or even dents along the top edges of your truck bed. These unsightly blemishes are only going to get worse over time, and if you leave them unchecked, your truck bed will start to develop rust and potential body rot. Give your pickup great looks and additional protection with Bushwacker SmoothBack bed rail caps.

    Manufactured for a precise fit with your specific vehicle, SmoothBack bed rail caps lend an upscale appearance to any truck. The smooth, matte black finish perfectly matches drop-in truck bed liners, and the design easily accepts paint for those looking for a more customized style. If you have or are planning to install a topper, you can do so without fear of an ill fit, since Bushwacker SmoothBack bed rail caps are made for compatibility.

    You want your accessories to last as long as your truck, and you can count on a long life from your SmoothBack bed rail caps. Made with Dura-Flex thermoplastic, they are built for durability and able to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures without warping, cracking, or fading in direct sunlight. Bushwacker SmoothBack bed rail caps are available with or without stake hole pockets, so you can choose the style you need for the greatest versatility.

    Install your SmoothBack bed rail caps in minutes using the pre-set 3M super-adhesive pads that allow you to press the caps into place instantly. With these accessories, your truck bed rails are set for life.