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Tailgate Cap by Bushwacker

How much action does your tailgate see in a typical day? Whether you use your truck frequently for work, pleasure, or both, your tailgate is one of the most essential components you have. No matter how careful you are, though, your tailgate will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. The top edge of your tailgate is particularly vulnerable to exposure, so it is in your best interests to check out Bushwacker DiamondBack tailgate caps.

Bushwacker is a leader in truck accessories, so you can expect high quality and serious performance from their products. Like their other accessories, DiamondBack tailgate caps are made with non-warping, non-cracking, UV-resistant Dura-Flex thermoplastic, an exclusive material that handles extreme temperatures and conditions with ease. Once you slap a Bushwacker DiamondBack tailgate cap onto your vehicle, your tailgate is protected for life.

You may be questioning the phrase "slap on," but that really is all there is to it. DiamondBack tailgate caps come with pre-set 3M super-adhesive pads at key fix points, so installation is simply a matter of removing the adhesive backing and pressing the cap in place. You will be ready to roll with your Bushwacker DiamondBack tailgate caps in minutes.

Available in great-looking matte black finish that easily accepts custom paint, DiamondBack tailgate caps can be customized to conform to any vehicle. They are also compatible with toppers, so you can rest assured that your tailgate cap is a perfect fit for your vehicle's make and model.

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Bushwacker Tailgate Cap Articles

  • Bushwacker Series: SmoothBack

    If you own a pickup truck, chances are your tailgate gets a lot of use. From hauling heavy loads to hosting tailgate parties, access to your truck bed relies on your tailgate, and that means a lot of opening, closing, sliding across, and banging around. You may even haul oversized loads like pipes and boards, and they can hang over your tailgate. This means that no matter how carefully you secure the loads, they are going to slide around and scratch things up. Check out Bushwacker SmoothBack tailgate caps for the ultimate in easy tailgate protection.

    SmoothBack tailgate cap are made for durability. The exclusive thermoplastic Dura-Flex material resists all cracking, warping, and fading, in the most extreme temperatures. The smooth surface of Bushwacker SmoothBack tailgate caps is an OEM matte black finish, which can be left as-is to match your truck bed liner, or custom painted to match your vehicle's finish. This accessory lends a touch of class to your truck with smooth lines and surfaces.

    If your pickup has a topper, or if you plan to install one, you won't have to worry about not being able to close your tailgate due to the SmoothBack tailgate caps. It is made to fit exactly with the surfaces of your bed, so that there are no discrepancies. Pair your Bushwacker SmoothBack tailgate cap with a set of SmoothBack bed rail caps for an overall streamlined bed perimeter.

    You can install your SmoothBack tailgate caps in just a few minutes. This accessory comes with super-adhesive 3M pre-set pads, so you can simply press them into place along the top edge of your tailgate, and you're done.