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CAB Cover

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When all else fails, you can still find comfort inside your vehicle's cab! The term 'cab' used to be applicable only to a truck's passenger compartment; nowadays, though, the passenger compartments in virtually all vehicle types are dubbed as cabs.A vehicle's cab is usually capable of seating two to five adults, and comes complete with a dashboard carrying the air-conditioning system. A center console connected to the dashboard holds the shifter.Inner door panels, carpeted floors, and the headliner can also be seen in a cab. These same parts also enclose the cab for security and comfort. And although the idea seems far-fetched, you can also find a wide variety of replacement cabs in the market.Here at Carparts, we surely have the perfect cab specifically designed for your vehicle. We can even ship your orders to your doorstep, fast!

• Makes driving easier and comfortable

• Contains the seats and the dashboard

• Can be styled to give your vehicle a unique look