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Cabin Air Filter

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To ensure fresh air inside your car, regularly check your cabin air filter.
Do you always experience allergy attacks every time you drive for work? Your case may not be as isolated as you think and your allergy woes can be traced to your vehicle's faltering Cabin Air Filter. This part is specifically designed for screening pollen, dust, and small particles from getting inside the automobile's cabin. Aside from giving you respiratory problems, a damaged air filter can make your air conditioning and heating system work harder. That means your car has the tendency to gobble more fuel.
Most cabin air filters are made of pleated paper and are situated in the outside-air intake. This position prevents unwanted particles from entering the passenger cabin. Not being able to clean this filter properly will reduce the air flow that comes from the A/C and heat system, which can surely plunge the operation of your ventilation system to a downward spiral. You don't want that to happen, do you?
Ideally, a Cabin Air Filter can last about a year but it still depends on the air quality where you drive. But when choosing a new air filter for your car's cabin, opt for something that will let you breathe more easily and will pamper your climate control system endlessly.

Cabin Air Filter Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Cabin Air Filter

    Considered more effective than a regular cabin filter, the ACC cabin filter plays a major role in keeping your vehicle's interior clean and comfortable. Its job is to prevent harmful substances such as sulfur, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and soot from entering the passenger cabin.The ACC (activated charcoal cabin) filter keeps these noxious substances out with the help of a layer of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal layer deodorizes and neutralizes these gases before they enter your vehicle.So should these pollutants enter your vehicle's cabin through the engine compartment, you're still guaranteed of safe, comfortable traveling.Ideally, your vehicle's ACC cabin filter should be replaced after 12, 000 to 15, 000 miles of driving. And for you to get the best replacement shop only right here at Auto Parts Deal!

    • To ensure maximum filtration, the ACC cabin filter contains pleated filtration material encased in a sturdy frame.

    • The ACC cabin filter also keeps dust, moisture, and small debris away from the vehicle's air–conditioning and heater system.

    • Our ACC cabin filters can efficiently trap even the smallest dust particles.

  • Cabin Air Filter: Just the Facts

    Your air-conditioner or heater vent gets air from outside the vehicle, so using an ACC cabin filter set is necessary to purify the air entering the passenger compartment. The ACC cabin filter strains out unwanted airborne particulates that may be sucked into your cabin.It also contains a layer of activated charcoal or activated carbon, which effectively adsorbs noxious substances from your car's air intake. So even if the air is so polluted, you can trust the ACC cabin filter to keep odors and harmful gases out of your vehicle.Once the filter reaches its maximum adsorption capacity, though, you'll have to get a new ACC cabin filter set. Otherwise, germs and viruses could build up inside the cabin and cause health problems for you and your passengers.Replacing the filter should be an easy DIY project. And to make things even easier for you, you can get affordable replacement ACC filters from Auto Parts Deal.

    • Each filter catches airborne impurities while allowing maximum airflow.

    • It provides a direct fit for easy installation.

    • Enjoy 90-day warranty on all ACC filters from Auto Parts Deal.