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Cadillac A/C Condenser

Aside from elegance, extreme comfort is always expected from luxury car brands. Cadillac, General Motors' prestige car brand, can do nothing less than satisfy their customer's expectation, that's why they have equipped their vehicles with features that can make each and every Cadillac ride as comfortable as it can be. One of these features is the vehicle brand's high performance air conditioning system, composed only of high quality parts like the Cadillac A/C condenser.

The A/C condenser is that part of a vehicle's air conditioning system responsible for radiating the heat absorbed by the system's refrigerant. In a typical vehicle air conditioning set-up, a refrigerant is run through the evaporator, located inside the vehicle's cab, to absorb as much heat as it can to cool the cabin. By absorbing heat, the refrigerant is transformed into hot gaseous form and is then passed to the condenser. It is in the condenser where the hot, gaseous refrigerant is cooled and condensed into a high-pressure liquid before it is again pumped into the other parts of the vehicle's A/C system.

For optimum performance, the A/C condenser is located where a large amount of cool air can aid in its refrigerant cooling function. It is often located in front of the radiator, just behind the vehicle's grille, so that the air coming inside the grille can aid in its function. The engine fan also aids in its function; and for many front-wheel drive vehicles, one or more auxiliary fans are also used to aid in its function.

Cadillac A/C condensers are expected to perform at their best, allowing the vehicle's air conditioning system to provide maximum comfort for every Cadillac passenger. But like other Cadillac parts, Cadillac A/C condensers are not immune from damages and failures. That's why it is important to regularly check the condensers for damages and replace it if the damage is already too large to repair. One won't have to worry about finding Cadillac replacement parts, however, because it is widely available everywhere.

  • Closer Look at Cadillac A/C Condenser

    During the summer, there are some days that are just too hot to get by only with open windows, and the air conditioner becomes almost a necessity. By having some simple maintenance performed on a regular basis, such as cleaning the outside of the Cadillac AC condenser, you can help to ensure that the system is always available when you need it the most. Located in front of the radiator on most vehicles, the Cadillac AC condenser is responsible for removing the heat from the coolant that is circulated through it. By employing the use of thin metal tubes that are lined with small fins, the air passing over the unit allows the heat to dissipate from the coolant. Over time, some of the fins may become bent on the Cadillac AC condenser, from road debris or a lack of attentiveness when working around the unit. These bent fins will reduce the cooling efficiency of the Cadillac AC condenser and may even lead to leaks. In addition, corrosion may cause further damage as the vehicle ages. When it is necessary to have the Cadillac AC condenser replaced, you will find the correct version for your vehicle within the pages of our large online catalog, alongside of many other parts and accessories for your vehicle. Our Cadillac AC condenser is designed to the same standards as the original unit, ensuring that it will be a direct fit, and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. When installing the Cadillac AC condenser, it is important to have a shop remove the coolant from the system and replace it after the job is finished, because the coolant can be dangerous environmentally, as well as to you personally. Ordering online or by toll-free telephone number will have your Cadillac AC condenser soon on its way.