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Cadillac Antenna

As the miles add up on your vehicle's odometer, there are many vehicle parts that can begin to show wear, and your Cadillac antenna is no exception. Surely not the first part to spring to the mind of most people when thinking about maintenance, but sorely missed if you turn your radio on to hear nothing but the crackle of static. Your Cadillac antenna is subject to wear and tear just as any other vehicle part can be. The Cadillac antenna gets it share of winter road salt splash, moisture, and other damaging abuse from the elements. Random rocks and debris can strike it, kicked up by other passing vehicles. The force of the wind batters your Cadillac antenna as you travel, causing it to bend and snap, back and forth, helpless and unprotected in the powerful flow. These factors can cause damage or corrosion, loosening the Cadillac antenna or breaking its wires. Then you are left with that awful static to listen to on your morning commute. The Cadillac antenna transmits the signals broadcast into the air by various radio stations into your radio. Without this connection, the best radio cannot provide you with anything but static. If your reception comes and goes, chances are you have a bad connection between your Cadillac antenna and radio caused by a loose or broken wire, or a loose and wobbling Cadillac antenna. If you are having trouble tuning in your morning music, we have a selection of quality replacements for your Cadillac antenna in our online catalog. Our great prices will make ordering your Cadillac antenna from our secure site easy on your budget, and our great customer service will make our toll-free phone line convenient.