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Cadillac Axle Assembly

When your Cadillac is front-wheel or all-wheel drive, the front wheels must be able travel vertically, as the suspension adjusts to the uneven road, and they must also be able to steer, while still transferring the power of the engine to the road. To accomplish this, your vehicle uses the Cadillac axle assembly, which is a combination of a driveshaft and an axle. There is one assembly for each of the front wheels. The Cadillac axle assembly is responsible for transferring the power from the transmission to the wheels, and it must do this job efficiently, no matter where the wheels are located in relation to the body of the vehicle. To compensate for the movement of the suspension, the Cadillac axle assembly uses a pair of constant velocity joints. These joints allow the transmission and the wheels to turn at the same rate of speed, while the wheels move up and down. To compensate for the steering action of your vehicle, the constant velocity joint can move laterally, and there is also a special slip joint. Located on the transmission side of the Cadillac axle assembly, the slip joint allows the system to extend or retract as needed. Over time, friction will render the joints of the Cadillac axle assembly inoperable. In some cases, the joints may be able to be repaired or replaced, but in others, the entire assembly may have to be replaced. Our online catalog has the Cadillac axle assembly for most vehicles, at a great price, and it can be ordered from our web site, using our secure online ordering system at any time of the day or the night, or by phone, toll-free.