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Cadillac Brake Dust Shields

The Cadillac brake dust shield is designed to keep your wheels free of the debris that is shed by the brake pads as they perform their function. This waste product, commonly called brake dust is composed of metal shavings, carbon and the adhesives that hold this compound onto the surface of the brake pads, which also helps to glue the sticky mess of brake dust to your wheels. The Cadillac brake dust shield stops the brake dust at the source, deflecting it away into the air rather than allowing it to land on the wheels. Brake dust is an unfortunate but inevitable byproduct of the disc brake system. The brake pads are lined with a friction coating to help them grip the rotor securely to stop the motion of the wheels during the braking process. This friction lining wears a bit every time the brake pads come in contact with the brake rotor, producing brake dust. The accumulation of brake dust on your wheels can ruin their appearance and be very difficult to remove, often requiring the use of special solvents. Brake dust can also ruin the finish of the wheels, causing pits and corrosion. The Cadillac brake dust shield can save the damage to your wheels, whether it is from the harsh scrubbing or the solvents, and keep them shiny and clean. Cadillac brake dust shields are easy to install, simply fitting inside the wheel. We carry a selection of Cadillac brake dust shields in our online catalog at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering easy and safe and our toll-free phone line is just as convenient for placing your Cadillac brake dust shield order.