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Cadillac CTS Brake Disc

Tips to Maintain the Best Performance of Your Cadillac CTS Brake Disc

Your Cadillac CTS brake disc is a very essential component of the braking system because it helps your ride to arrive at a safe stop. However, it can easily accumulate a lot of dirt and heat that may cause it to fail eventually. Simple maintenance practices can help you to extend its significant life. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Use the proper cleaning materials to prevent contaminants from your brake disc.

Aside from heat, your brake disc can also accumulate dust and dirt particles that may hinder its proper functioning. So to prevent this, you can use a dry microfiber cloth and a brake cleaner at least once every month, which can be done if your brake disc is removed and inspected closely. The brake cleaner can help to remove the dirt particles that got stuck on your brake disc in order to avoid warping. Moreover, it can break down oily substances that can reduce the frictional force of your brake disc. On the other hand, the dry microfiber towel can assist in wiping the surface of your brake disc for a more thorough finish.

  • Inspect thickness with the help of a micrometer to ensure that it is still in good condition.

Your brake disc has a certain thickness that must be maintained in order to keep its smooth functioning. So for this matter, you must have your brake disc inspected at least every 10,000 miles with the help of a micrometer. This tool can measure your brake disc whether it simply needs to be resurfaced or completely replaced. Keep in mind that a simple inspection can help to ensure that your brake disc is still in its optimum working condition.

  • Make a schedule for changing the brake fluid to prevent your brake disc from being damaged.

Your brake disc can fail to do its function properly if the brake fluid is contaminated. This is because the said fluid provides the hydraulic force that allows the braking components to function properly. The brake fluid can get contaminated due to the moisture and small particles that it can absorb. So as a maintenance practice, you must take note of your schedule at least every year to allow the brake fluid to be changed. This can prevent your brake disc from being contaminated and worn out prematurely as well.

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  • Issues that Indicate Problems in Your Cadillac CTS Brake Disc

    Your Cadillac CTS brake disc is made to be durable for the braking system, so you should take immediate actions if you are encountering problems related to it. It should have enough thickness and proper alignment in order to function properly together with the brake pads. However, heat and contaminants can lead to its premature failure. Here are some issues that you can experience in your ride, which can be related to your Cadillac CTS brake disc:

    Sudden and forceful stop when stepping on the brake pedal

    If you encounter a situation in which your vehicle comes to a sudden forceful stop instead of a smooth one every time you step on the brake pedal, then there is a possible problem with your brake disc. It is because your brake disc can be warped due to too much heat or abuse from the braking system. As a result, it will become weaker and thinner than its usual form. This will then lead to run-out, or its deviation from its position in the hub. The edges of your brake disc will then move uncontrollably from side to side. Hence, it will lack good contact with the brake pads that will lead to the abrupt halt of your vehicle.

    Shaking felt on the steering wheel

    Once you feel that the steering wheel shakes after you apply the brakes heavily, then your brake disc might be malfunctioning. Over time, your brake disc can lose thickness especially when not inspected and resurfaced immediately. As a result, it will lose alignment from its axial plane, and its edges will move loosely. Hence, you will feel that your brakes are wobbling, which can also be felt on the steering wheel.

    Grinding noise

    Another warning sign that may indicate of a brake disc that needs replacement is a noise similar to grinding metals. This can happen because your brake disc can develop deep grooves and cracks on its surface. Once the situation occurs on your brake disc, the brake pads will struggle to press against it. Hence, the pads will grind against the uneven metal surface of your brake disc, which can be heard during braking.