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Cadillac Deville Parts and Cadillac Deville Accessories

Nothing in this world would last forever. Sadly, not even vehicle models are spared from such fate. Among the few vehicle models from the past that have survived is the Cadillac DeVille, and the large car would have to say goodbye in 2005 for it would be replaced by a new car the following year. But why would we have to say goodbye to the last of the large Cadillac vehicles? Have it reached the timeline that Cadillac has set for it to exist?

The DeVille nameplate has been used by Cadillac since 1949, and from then shifted from one vehicle configuration, platform and style to another until its eventual demise in 2005. The first vehicle model to actually use the name was the Cadillac Coupe DeVille in 1949, with a sedan model called the Cadillac Sedan DeVille appearing five years later. From 1965, Cadillac DeVille models became the company's mainstream vehicles, falling in between the Calais and the Fleetwood both in price and in luxuriousness.

From 1977 until 1992, the Cadillac DeVille shared a large body chassis with the Cadillac Fleetwood. A lot of Cadillac DeVille parts were also shared with the Cadillac Fleetwood, although the Fleetwood was still the higher priced Cadillac and was considered the more luxurious of the two. The Fleetwood actually became a trim level for the Cadillac DeVille from 1985 until 1992. After the 1992 model year, however, the similarity between the Cadillac DeVille and the Cadillac Fleetwood became less apparent, with the Cadillac Fleetwood reverting to its former body platform while the Cadillac DeVille sharing a new platform with the Cadillac Seville.

The choice of a new body platform worked well with Cadillac DeVille, and when the Fleetwood was dropped after 1996, the DeVille became the largest and the last standing large luxury car from Cadillac. But while the Cadillac DeVille was able to survive one more revision, the sales of the car continued to drop. This is the reason why the Cadillac DeVille will be replaced by the Cadillac DTS for the 2006 model year.