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Cadillac Deville Fuel Injector

Spotting Cadillac Deville Fuel Injector Problems

The luxurious Cadillac Deville can't be considered a rich man's car if it carries problematic fuel injectors. Having this problem means you have a vehicle with dirty and unmaintained internal parts. Other than that, the Deville also feels sluggish and awful every time you try to drive it. It's possible that you may end up with a car that doesn't run at all if you leave this problem unattended. That's why it's important that you spot the earliest signs of a problem as soon as possible. Here are some of the symptoms you can look for if you think your car has bad fuel injectors.

Starting difficulties

Starting a car requires an ignition, a cranking engine, and enough fuel compression. What's tricky about a starting symptom is that this doesn't directly point to faulty fuel injectors. Before you conclude that the injectors are bust, check the other parts first that also have a role in starting the car such as the fuel pump, filter, lines, electronics, and others. If these seem ok, you're a step close to isolating the problem to the fuel injectors.

Rough ride

If you manage to start the Deville but the ride is shaky, the engine misfires, or the engine's RPM is too inconsistent even when idling, these are signs of a shaky engine that's burning uneven amounts of fuel. The unevenness is caused by clogged injectors and low pressure in the combustion chamber. Other related symptoms include sudden stalls and hesitation.

Low mileage

Due to the unevenness in the fuel coming to the combustion chamber, you should also notice an overall decrease in your car's mileage. If your visits to the gas station are becoming more frequent, it's a good idea to check your Deville's fuel injectors.

Bad emission scores

An engine burning clean fuel shouldn't produce high levels of hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions coming out of the exhaust. Too much of these are a sign of bad and dirty fuel being fed to the engine. The dirt may come from both the bad fuel you use for your Deville and from the dirty tips of unmaintained or old fuel injectors.

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  • Four Habits to Prolong the Life of a Cadillac Deville Fuel Injector

    Problems on the Cadillac Deville fuel injector are fairly common problem for the car. Units across multiple year models have experienced one form of this issue. Not all owners have to be victims of an unusable car because of clogged injectors. Because of its frequency, it's a good way to take preventive action on the problem. It mostly boils down to your diligence and responsibility in taking care of the part. These are some of the things that you can do to prolong the life of a Cadillac Deville fuel injector in your engine.

    Avoid feeding low-quality fuel to your car.

    Low-quality fuel is one common culprit to a clogged fuel injector. Usually, these kinds of gas are purchased from unnamed or unknown service stations that use cheap and dirty fuel. You may find them attractive because their products aren't expensive compared to the branded ones, but there are many impurities in the liquid that can hurt the injectors in the long run. The money you will save from the cheap fuel will go to the cost of buying and installing new fuel injectors.

    Pour in fuel additives once in a while.

    There are plenty of reliable additives on the market you can use to ensure your Deville is fed the clean juice it deserves. These do a great job in getting rid of any dirt on the fuel that might have been passed over the cleaning process. For a small investment, these are definitely worth your money compared to the expensive replacement of worn fuel injectors.

    Replace an old and worn fuel filter.

    Any filter is responsible for making sure whatever passes through it is kept clean. As far as a fuel filter is concerned, as this gets dirtier, its ability to sift out the impurities in fuel is decreased. When this happens, it's almost as good as feeding your Deville bad gas.

    Keep the fuel injectors clean.

    You can never go wrong with a direct and old-fashioned cleaning of an aging part. For Cadillac Deville fuel injectors, it's recommended that you pull these out of the engine once in a while to get it cleaned. There are many kits available that can get rid of any clogs that might have accumulated over time.