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Cadillac Deville Headlight Assembly

Detecting a Faulty Cadillac Deville Headlight Assembly

The last thing you want to experience whenever you are in the middle of a drive at night is having a faulty and trippy Cadillac Deville headlight assembly. Problems on this part could prove too costly as you are left blind while you try to navigate through the dark. Without enough visibility, you might end up in a fatal accident you could've avoided. Before something like this happens, it's important that you replace bad headlights and other bad parts at once. Here are some of the signs that tell you have something wrong with your Deville's headlight assembly.

Uncontrollable lights

The lights of your headlight assembly should be controllable by the simple setting of the switch to the on or off position. If it appears like the bulbs want to light up or die on their own, your car may have a problem with the circuit breaker: a part that's responsible for sending and stopping the flow of electricity to the parts that need it. Try replacing this first before you go to the more demanding task of working on the headlight assembly.

Dead lights

Let's hope a problem like this happens when you're parked in the garage. Old bulbs are the first suspect. If these are still new, check the fuse box for any bad or burnt connections. Relays may have gone bad as well.

High beam only

Even if you turn on the high beams on your headlight assembly, other lights such as turning, parking, and running lights should still work. The cause of other lights dying while you have high beams revolves around a faulty fuse. If replacing this doesn't solve anything, the issue may be in a faulty mechanism with the switches in the steering column.

Limited brightness

Assuming the components directly connected to the Deville's headlight assembly are new and fresh, dimming lights shouldn't be a problem. If it still happens, the cause of such incidents lies on other parts such as the battery terminals and fuses. Clean any dirt off the lines and make sure the fuses are as tight as possible to ensure that electricity travels without any restrictions.

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  • Taking Care of your Cadillac Deville Headlight Assembly 27 February 2013

    A Cadillac Deville headlight assembly is vital to your safety and driving ability at night. If these don't function well, it will be very hard to see through the blinding darkness. Headlights don't just go out in an instant. Failures are a result of little unattended problems that build up overtime. At first, the brightness is limited. Eventually, it completely goes black. These can be avoided if you simply take the time to perform routine maintenance and tend to the lights' needs. These are some of the things you can do to take care of your headlight assembly.

    Clean the lenses.

    The lenses of your Cadillac Deville headlight assembly act as a protective cover to the bulbs and an enhancer to the light's brightness. Dirt, dust, and small debris can contaminate these as you drive. The damage could lead to adverse effects such as cracked and foggy lenses. Cleaning these off should go a long way to preventing these from happening.

    Apply wax and sealant.

    Aside from cleaning the lenses of the headlight assembly, it's also a good idea to apply a layer of wax and sealant. These two are another layer of protection against the same elements that can tarnish the lights.

    Aim the lights properly.

    At least once a year, it is recommended that you reconfigure the aim of the Deville's headlight assembly. The constant shakes and vibrations of the car can alter the focus of the lights. Also, if the weight of the car constantly changes, either due to varying passenger or cargo weight, it may be necessary to readjust the aim more frequently.

    Install stronger bulbs.

    If you think that the brightness from the headlight assembly isn't strong enough, it doesn't hurt to upgrade the lights to stronger ones. Clear lenses along with stronger bulbs are the best combination for getting the most out of your headlights. Just make sure that the fuses and wiring can accommodate the extra juice needed for the assembly.

    Work on assemblies in pairs.

    Whenever you do some adjustments on the headlight assembly, make sure you work on them in pairs for uniformity and consistency. This also makes it easier for you to maintain and manage the lights. Don't hold back by cleaning or repairing just one unit at a time.