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Cadillac Distributor Cap

The Cadillac distributor cap is part of the ignition system of your vehicle, working in conjunction with other components to carry a high voltage spark to the engine. The engine uses this high voltage spark to ignite the fuel in its cylinders to begin the process of combustion. The coil uses a highly insulated wire to transmit voltage to the distributor, which then uses the distributor rotor to pass it along to a series of electrical contacts, one for each engine cylinder. The rotor is mounted to the center shaft of the distributor, where it spins inside the Cadillac distributor cap. As the rotor passes each one of these contacts, the coil emits a burst of high voltage, which will arc across the tip of the rotor to the contact. The voltage will then travel to the ignition wires, transmitted through them to the spark plug at each engine cylinder to provide the power necessary for fuel ignition. As the Cadillac distributor cap serves this purpose, it becomes gradually damaged by the high voltage power it transmits. The voltage can create a buildup of carbon on the Cadillac distributor cap, commonly called carbon tracking. Over time, this damage can cause the Cadillac distributor cap to become less efficient in transmitting its spark to the engine, causing performance problems in the vehicle. For this reason, replacement of the Cadillac distributor cap is necessary on a regular basis, usually being performed as part of the routine vehicle tune-up procedures. We carry a selection of quality Cadillac distributor cap replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site makes it fast and easy to order your Cadillac distributor cap or our toll-free phone line can take your order just as efficiently.