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Cadillac DTS Parts and Cadillac DTS Accessories

Cadillac DTS Tidbits

  • The Cadillac DTS was a replacement to the former Cadillac Deville, but was a much more luxurious vehicle than the other one. It was deemed to be one of the best of the GM automobiles because it came with extra gadgets and a sturdy foundation, which made the people love this ride.

  • Even though the main design of the sedan was luxurious, the carmakers added a sporty feel to it, which made the vehicle an interesting one. One of the significant changes that GM did was when it took out the standard 6-passenger seating so that it could make room for smaller seats just like sports car are equipped with. Instead of the squared looking clock, the company changed it to a circular one. If you notice sports vehicles, they are manufactured with a similar design.

  • The Cadillac DTS performed really well on the highway and displayed a lot of power for immediate passing maneuvers and easy high-speeding driving. In spite of the great speed, the suspension offered a safe ride for the driver and passengers. In fact, GM wanted the owners of the DTS to feel that they can drive the automobile with more delight, which was why they got rid of the old engine and replaced it with a 32V Northstar V8.

  • One of the greatest things that came with the Cadillac DTS was its improved navigation system. The drivers were given the opportunity to control the commands and their travelling needs with the voice action control. The performance models also came in a Magnetic Ride Control option, which let the owner control the shock absorbers with the electromagnetic parts. The car sensors could also check the suspension for a smooth and safe journey.

  • In 2005, there was a specially designed Cadillac DTS that was meant for the second inauguration of the US President George W. Bush. The Cadillac DTS Presidential State Car was codenamed Stagecoach and was crafted to have an advanced shell and safety features to greatly protect the president from various threats.

  • The last Cadillac DTS was produced at 11:51am, May 27, 2011.

Cadillac DTS Articles

  • Common Complaints on the Cadillac DTS

    The Cadillac DTS was a luxury sedan that won the hearts of the car owners. It was produced by the famous company, General Motors, and was manufactured from 2006 to 2011. Though it's a luxury vehicle, it had the features of a sports car, which made this sedan a ride to love. But just like others, it's quite inevitable for problems to arise, especially if proper maintenance is not done. That's why it's important to take note of these common problems so that the drivers can prepare in case these occur.

    Problematic ignition cylinder lock

    One of the worst case scenarios that a driver could experience with the Cadillac DTS is when the ignition cylinder lock becomes defective. This can be such a hassle, especially when one does not know how to fix this kind of issue. What happens here is the key won't go inside the ignition no matter how hard the owner tries to push it in. This kind of dilemma is not covered by the sedan's warranty and will require expensive repair from a professional mechanic.

    Engine misses

    The Cadillac DTS is equipped with a 32V Northstar V8, but it's definitely quite unavoidable even for this kind of engine to become faulty and die at some point. Take note if the engine misfires on highway speeds and dies when slowing down. There's an issue with the car engine, and this must be checked by an expert mechanic.

    Whining noises

    Whining noises are often diagnosed as intake manifold turbulence; but, that's usually not the case. Some owners of the DTS start hearing whining noises coming from the engine when driving at a speed of 25-30 mph. But, Cadillac has come to a conclusion that the whining sound is actually a natural characteristic of the DTS.

    Other problems

    Other issues experienced by the Cadillac DTS are the common dilemmas that occur in most vehicles. These include heater or air condition that is not working properly, cooling system problems, steering issues that make the vehicle hard to control, windshield or window issues, and other interior accessories that don't function correctly.