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Cadillac Fuel Pump

In order for your Cadillac to run properly, there must be a constant amount of fuel going into the engine at all times. The Cadillac fuel pump is designed to retrieve the fuel from the tank and send it down the fuel lines, to the fuel injector or carburetor at a constant rate of flow. It is located directly in the fuel tank, for maximum pumping efficiency. Under normal driving conditions, the Cadillac fuel pump will last for many years, and it is generally a very reliable part. There will come a time, however, when you turn the key of your vehicle to start it, and nothing happens. To verify that the Cadillac fuel pump has stopped working, have a partner turn the key to the run position, while you listen for the pump to run at the fuel fill tube, with the cap removed. If there is nothing but silence, make sure that the fuse for the circuit is good and that the battery is charged. When you have determined that you do need a new Cadillac fuel pump, you will find the appropriate version for almost any vehicle in our large online catalog, for a great price. It is made to meet all of the specifications of the original unit, and it will be a direct replacement. To install the Cadillac fuel pump, you will need to take some safety precautions beforehand. The work should be done outdoors, the battery should be disconnected, and the tank should have the fuel removed from it. Then jack the vehicle up, place it on jack stands, and lower the tank. Replace the old Cadillac fuel pump with the new one, and reassemble. The Cadillac fuel pump can be easily ordered on our secure web site, or over the phone, toll-free.