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Cadillac Spark Plug Wire

There are many items in your Cadillac that can affect the performance and the fuel mileage of your engine in a negative manner, if they are not functioning properly. Surprisingly, the Cadillac spark plug wires are on that list. They connect the distributor to the spark plugs, and a similar wire connects the distributor to the coil. When the engine is running, the coil transforms the 15 volts from the alternator into as much as 100,000 volts, and sends it to the distributor. The distributor sends the voltage to one spark plug at a time, through the Cadillac spark plug wires. In order for the engine to run efficiently, the proper voltage must be carried through each of the Cadillac spark plug wires. After a period of about a year, the resistance to the flow of electricity within the wires will begin to grow, because of deterioration from the high heat of the voltage they carry, plus external forces. Replacing the Cadillac spark plug wires, however, is a normal part of the annual tune-up, if the normal maintenance schedule is followed. When you are getting ready to do your tune-up, you can find the correct set of Cadillac spark plug wires for your vehicle in our online catalog, at a great price. They meet all of the specifications of the original parts, and will offer the same quality performance as the Cadillac spark plug wires that were originally installed in the factory. For high performance applications, we have versions of Cadillac spark plug wires with reduced resistance to electrical flow, and they are available for many vehicles. To order a set of Cadillac spark plug wires for your vehicle, stop by our secure web site or place your order by phone, toll-free.