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Cadillac Vent Visor

Sometimes, the sun coming through the side windows of your Cadillac can be blinding. Fortunately, the Cadillac vent visor can help block some of those intrusive rays, while adding a few other great benefits. The device mounts right into the existing window channel with no modifications to your vehicle, and it follows the contours of the window perfectly. With the Cadillac vent visor installed, you will be able to open your window a bit during a rainstorm, without getting wet. When you window is completely open at high speeds, the amount of noise you hear will be greatly reduced. Because of its unique shape, the Cadillac vent visor redirects the flow of air around the window it is installed on. This means that dirt, insects, and pebbles will be less likely to land on your window, as well. The Cadillac vent visor is made of rigid plastic that can withstand damage from the sun, the weather, extreme temperatures, and even assaults from some road debris. Installation of the unit is easy and takes less than five minutes to complete. Using included double-sided tape, align the Cadillac vent visor in the window channel, and press it firmly down along the entire length of the unit. Once it is on, it will hold very securely. The Cadillac vent visor will protect your vehicle for many years, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. The standard color of black will look great on any vehicle, as well. To order the correct Cadillac vent visor for your vehicle, visit our secure web site or make a toll-free call to our sales department, and our quick shipping will have it at your door soon.