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Cadillac Water Pump

Keeping the engine of your Cadillac from overheating is essential to prolonging its life and avoiding costly damage to sensitive components that are easily damaged by excessive heat. The cooling system is designed to remove the heat from the engine, and the heart of the system is the Cadillac water pump. It takes the coolant from the reservoir in the radiator, and pumps into the interior of the engine, where it absorbs heat. The coolant then flows back into the radiator, where it is cooled by air that is driven by the cooling fan. The Cadillac water pump is powdered directly from the engine, with a belt between it and the crankshaft. On many engines, especially larger ones, the pulley of the Cadillac water pump will be fitted with a grease fitting. This allows it to receive lubrication, and the proper grease should be pumped into it about twice a year. If you suspect the Cadillac water pump is not working properly, you should first check to ensure that the belt powering it is in good condition, and that it is tight enough to avoid slipping. If you find that the Cadillac water pump does need to be replaced, you will find the proper model for your vehicle in our large online catalog, at much less than what the dealership would charge for a replacement. Our version meets all of the specifications of the dealership part and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. To order the Cadillac water pump, or any of the many other parts we carry, visit our web site to use the secure online ordering system, or you can place you order by phone, toll-free.

Cadillac Water Pump Models