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Maintaining your car's pristine shine can be a tiresome chore. And with all the cleaning items in the market today, it can get quite confusing to pick out the best items. You'll need the right set of sponges, mitts, and cleaning cloths that'll clean and not scratch your car's detail. To make your task a little easier, California Car Duster came up with items that'll guarantee you not only a cleaner vehicle but also give you a less tiring chore to get the best care for your car.

California Car Duster stands by their slogan "Don't just move dust - remove it". They provide all kinds of products that'll help you wash, dry, and clean your car faster and easier. One item that you should definitely have is the Original California MicroMitt, a unique 2-in-1 mitt that can be used as a wash mitt when met, and as a duster when dry. The Cali Car Duster Wash Mitt is made with ultra-soft micro fiber technology that's 100 times finer than human hair. These tiny fibers have micro-grooves that absorb 7-10 times its weight in water while also having angled edges to trap in dust and dirt when dry. That soft micro fiber will never scratch even the most delicate surfaces of your vehicle but will still be durable enough for continued use. The Cali Car Duster Wash Mitt is so good, that it makes other washing or cleaning mitts obsolete.

Now, washing your car may not be enough at times, a little bit of detailing may be in order to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. California Car Duster has a couple of cleaning towels that are designed to remove dirt and film from your windows and mirrors without the need for special chemicals or cleaners. Cali Car Duster Towel products are made from the same ultra-soft micro fiber technology that won't scratch your car's paint or coat. Use the Cali Car Duster Towel to get spotless, streak-free windshields and mirrors, perfect for complimenting the shine on your car's body detail.