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CAM and Lifter Kit

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Your car's performance will always be determined by your engine's capabilities. So if you're not satisfied with what your engine can do, why not upgrade your car's engine? One way to do this is by modifying the camshaft with a cam and lifter kit.The kit contains an aftermarket camshaft and valve lifters. The camshaft, as part of the valve train, plays a big role in controlling the engine's air-fuel intake. It handles the release of exhaust gases from the engine's combustion cylinders.And because your car's engine functions like a big pump, optimizing air intake and exhaust flow through the camshaft can improve fuel combustion, thus boosting engine performance and horsepower output.Make sure the cam and lifter kit you purchase matches your car's specifications, though. Bigger camshaft profiles need a more aggressive valve train operation, and you might need more durable valve springs as well. You'll find everything you need at Carparts.

• Improves intake and exhaust flow in the engine

• Comes with all the parts needed for easy installation

• Increases the engine's horsepower output