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Camshaft Position Sensor

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To get optimal ignition timing, also make sure that your camshaft position sensor is at its best.
Your engine valves cannot open and close in perfect timing without the camshaft. This component houses several lobes or cams that push valves while they rotate. These valves inject the air-fuel mixture into the engine to give your car power. However, when these valves are misaligned or mistimed, it will compromise engine performance. That's why you need a Camshaft Position Sensor.
This component monitors the positions of the cams, allowing them to have perfect configuration. This magnetically operated device sends information to your Engine Computer Unit (ECU) about shaft speed, position, and acceleration. With this information, the ECU can make adjustments and calculations for superior engine performance. This information is used by the ignition module so that it can advance or retard the spark timing of the engine cylinders. In most engines, this sensor is placed near the camshaft or inside the distributor.
If you need a Camshaft Position Sensor, you can easily find one online. Many online auto parts stores offer this product in their catalogs. But be wary of scammers. Double-check your retailer's privacy and security policies. If you don't feel secure, contact the site's customer support representatives to voice out questions and concerns. Just remember, a customer always has the right to ask.

Camshaft Position Sensor Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Camshaft Position Sensor

    For accurate fuel injection and perfect ignition timing, your vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) works with a lot of sensors located throughout the engine. One such sensor is the camshaft position sensor. This component gives the ECU information on the camshaft's rotational position. The camshaft's position determines what stroke the piston is on; the ECU uses the information to adjust fuel ignition so that fuel is fed to the right cylinder. The camshaft position sensor also updates the ECU of the cylinder currently firing, so that ignition timing can be adjusted for the other cylinders. Without the camshaft position sensor, there's no way for the ECU to achieve correct ignition timing and fuel injection. Considering the part's crucial task in engine operations, it's important that this sensor is kept in top shape. And don't fret if replacement is the best option. You can browse our catalog at Auto Parts Deal to check out the topnotch camshaft position sensors we have in store for you.

    • Plays a crucial role in ignition and fuel injection

    • Signals the ECU about the camshaft's rotational position

    • Helps you enjoy faster engine start-ups